Need some help fam. Many of you know our family had Blacknificent books and the Bennu Cultural Center since 1994. Mama Mawiyah and Baba Kamau built the center by hand and put it in the heart of the Black community so folks could have access to thought leaders like dr. Khalid Muhammad, dr. Ben, Queen Afua, Kwame, Toure, Philadelphia’s MOVE Ramona and Pam Africa, Professor Small, Professor Griff and dozens of other economic cultural, spiritual, educational and revolutionary thought leaders in the Black community.
They are called Mama Mawiyah & Baba Kamau because they’ve been like parents to hundreds of individuals all over the country and in Raleigh to fight police corruption, gentrification, education discrimination, job discrimination, health issues, mental health issues family interpersonal issues. They’ve spent every day of their lives for last 50 years helping community.

Blacknificent/Bennu flooded on Monday/Tuesday. Mama Mawiyah and Baba Kamau spent 3 days extracting gallons and gallons of water from the carpet and building. Last Monday North Carolina experienced extreme rain. Neuse River rose over 10-feet in some areas. It caused areas that don’t normally flood to flood anyway. This caused the building to flood. Help is needed to repair the foundation where the water came through and ensure the building doesn’t get mold etc. This repair needs to happen quickly before it rains again and more damage is done.
After spending 3 days cleaning up gallons and gallons of water with hand held extractors. Thursday evening on their way home at 11PM their car locked up on the highway. The engine blew a piston dismounting the engine and broke the A/C mount bracket. They car is irreparable and it’s their only car. They need help getting a new vehicle.
Then to top it all off the Kambon websites were hacked on Friday. Thousands of spammy fraudulent emails were sent out. The sites need to be redone so that people can find Mama Mawiyah and Baba Kamau so they can keep doing the community work they’ve been doing.
So when it rains it really pours, literally since it rained again last night and we’re not sure what we’re going to see when we get to the cultural center again.
They have done so much to help people that I am asking people to give something back not just in words and thank yous but in contributions to help them save the Blacknificent books and Bennu cultural center building located in gentrifying Southeast Raleigh. Help with some of all of these impending cost that fell on them and less seven days. Though they are always on the move these elders are in their 70s and should not have to face this on their own. If you know and love them or if you appreciate these elders for being unwavering in their support of our community, please contribute anything from $5 to $100 or $500 or more to help… or paypal [email protected]