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[Sticky] Linguistic Analysis of the Akan Language by Dr. Obadele Kambon

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Get Dr. Kambon's thorough breakdown of the Akan language. This 78 page digital copy of his linguistic analysis is only available here at Abibitumi Kasa! Get Yours Now!
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Linguistic Analysis of the Akan Language [PDF] 78 Pages

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Linguistic Analysis of the Akan Language by Obadele Kambon

[PDF] 78 Pages


Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Historical Background
III. Maps of Akan Speaking Areas and Migration Routes
IV. Classification
A. Akan Family Tree
V. Distribution
A. Ghana
B. Cote D'Ivoire

VI. Akan Phonetics
A. Introduction: Sounds of the Akan Language
B. Oral Vowels of The Akan Language
C. Nasal Vowels of Akan
D. Vowel Sequences of Akan
E. Consonants of Akan

i. Consonants of Akan By Manner of Articulation
F. The Glottal Stop
G. Akan Vowel chart
E. Akan Consonant chart
F. Elements Unique to Akan

i. Introduction: Tone and Syllable Structure in Akan
ii. The Syllable and Basic Tones in Akan
iii. Labio-Palatalization
iv. Vowel Harmony

VII. Phonology of Akan
A. Introduction
B. Phonological Processes and Rules
C. Assimilation

i. Homorganic Nasal Assimilation
ii. Labialization
iii. Palatalization
iv. Labio-palatalization
v. Glottalization
vi. Phoneme nasalization
vii. Tonal Assimilation
viii. Vowel Harmony and Vowel Assimilation

D. Other Phonological Processes
ix. Vowel Insertion
x. Vowel Deletion
xi. Consonant Deletion

E. Minimal Pairs in Akan
F. Consonantal Natural Class Chart

VIII. Akan Morphology

A. Introduction
B. The Noun

i. Nominal Formation in Akan
a. Nominal Inflection
ii. Nominal Reduplictaion
a. Nominal Derivation
iii. Compounding
C. The Verb
i. Verbal Formation
ii. Tone and the Akan Verb

D. Affixation Chart
E. Other Morphological Processes

i. Reduplication
ii. Suppletion
iii. Compounding
iv. Alternation

IX. Syntax of Akan
A. Syntactic Categories
i. Open Lexical Categories
a. Nouns
b. Verbs
c. Adjectives
d. Adverbs
e. Ideophones

ii. Closed Lexical Categories
a. Determiners
b. Numerals
c. Conjunctions
d. Emphatic Particles
e. Postpositions
f. Interjections

B. Phrase structure
i. Noun Phrase
ii. Verb Phrase
iii. Prepositional phrase
iv. Adjectival Phrase
v. Complementizer Phrase

C. Sentences and transformational rules
i. Introduction
ii. Sentence Transformation
iii. Subordinate clauses

X. The Akan Language and Development
XI. Works Cited
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Medaase Pa! But the link is not working.


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Medaase Pa! But the link is not working.

@shakara, here's the updated link

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Medaase Pa! But the link is not working.


Yɛnni aseda. It's working now. 

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June 16th the Kambon family had a major family emergency.  Dr. Kambon’s wife Kala and children were involved in a serious car accident and admitted to the hospital.   All are doing well and recovering.

The family’s only mode of transportation was totaled in the accident.

We are asking for the support of Abibitumi family to assist the Kambon family during this trying time.