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The sources of Black Africa’s stagnation—a theme in Niggerology

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Topic starter Posted : 06/03/2018 7:08 pm
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I watched this three time (3) to fully grasp what the Elder was saying. I never got emotional or failed to comprehend, I just could not understand his strong accent in some places. I feel that the 2 brothers who stood up to speak in the end in defiance of what what the Elder was teaching, were both just failing to comprehend the depth of his message. Listening to the Elder has shown me that my level of understanding is so much further than where is was years ago. So I am thankful. I do not see anything wrong with characterizing "some" black leaders as being "niggers" because I understand that they were "made that way." This is the same as Elijah and the Nation of Islam said that black people are "dumb, deaf and blind (stupid)....and that they were made that way by the devil (white man)." I get it. 

I will also commit to studying and understand Panafrikanism, Garveyism and what we can do in the diaspora to "get free".....on some level.....Abibifahodie!

Posted : 14/03/2018 11:17 am