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Djehuty Ma’at-ra, Health Expert, Gets Candid About His Break From

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[h=1]Djehuty Ma’at-ra, Health Expert, Gets Candid About His Break From[/h]
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Djehuty Maat'ra

March 8, 2012

By: Pamela McKenzie

Djehuty Ma’at-ra, Health Expert, Gets Candid About His Break From and Shares His Experience As An Asthmatic Youth
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The well-known celebrity Herbalist and owner of, Djehuty Ma’at-ra, established his brand and bolting reputation as a spiritual guru and worldly health educationalist. He utilizes an unconventional approach to existing teachings of health consciousness and offers a renewal of original preventative health care. On January 27, 2012, I got an opportunity to chat with Djehuty and found him to be mystical but unbelievably down-to-earth with painful experiences, colorful references, and of course, great advice. He began his journey into health consciousness after suffering from acute asthma as a young man. Experiencing the death of both parents (following health challenges) and an Aunt (due to suicide), Djehuty found motivation that grew into dreams from which we all benefit. I got to know him this day. The following abridged interview is below (live recording avalaiblable at in the News and Media tab):

Well, I am deeply honored to have this opportunity to speak with you. I learned of you about three years ago one night while searching for information on a number of ailments. I was concerned for my friends as I do nutritional counseling. That’s how I initially found you. So, I thank you for speaking with me in the capacity of a journalist (writer for the Examiner's DC health column).
No problem. My pleasure. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed. We have to get the information to the people so I thank Journalists and I thank people who interview me because it helps me do what I am on planet to do so thank you love.
I am just so happy that I am in your space. At this point, I am going to give you a little about me and then give you an opportunity to talk about yourself maybe giving me information about your original name, then your new name, and just a little about your journey. So, let me start to say, I am Pamela McKenzie, Writer for the Examiner’s Healthy Food Column. I have a background in Finance and I work for federal government but I find that my mission isn’t being addressed if I don’t do something about our community when it comes to health and just having the appropriate knowledge to prevent illness so I dedicated the last ten years of my life to studying natural medicine and writing for this column. I have a small company where I offer specialized products and I provide nutritional counseling (been doing it for 2-3 years). That’s a little about me can you tell me about your original name, your current name and just a little about you in a time-line fashion?
Ok. I was born Earnest Cooper Junior; Second son named after my father. Earnest has Germanic origin and means one who is sincere and of an important nature. For a brief period, I dallied with Islam and changed my name to Jaber Abdul Akbar ("Jaber" literally means bone-setter). Under that name, I became a healer. During the mid-2000s, I kept hearing in my head “Djehuty, Djehuty”. At the point, I changed my name again from Jaber to Djehuty and that’s when things really took off. I became a light-worker under Djehuty.
That’s beautiful. In that space of time you decided that you wanted help others and formulate nutritional products. How did that come about?
Honestly, I knew my life’s purpose and had a sensing of it as a little boy. While playing with my brother and sister, I would be the one who would administer a healing aid- even though I was using Vaseline and toilet paper, it was still there. I was still inclined. After my favorite Aunty committed suicide in 1976, I went out to her backyard of her home in South Central Los Angeles and looked up to heavens and said God when I get older I want to be there to listen to people. I had learned that my Aunty was depressed and didn’t have anyone to talk to so I said at the age of six that I would be there to talk to folks.
Being radical or the black sheet of the family, led me the Nation of Islam where I saw a lot that I didn’t like. I tried the Afrocentric community in the mid-90s…got what I could get from that. But I would always do my own personal studies/ personal research. I spent thousands of dollars on books, studied political issues, conspiracy theories, goddess studies, legal issues, feminism and African history. I studied so much. I got into health and studied biology in 1995/1996. In 1999, my mother died of pancreatic cancer and my Dad succumbed before my Mother in 1994. In 1997, I got into health and herbs it was a wrap…by 1999, I was ready to go…started Afir Herbaceuticals.
Did you go officially public or just started the company?
Officially public in opening my company. Like I said, from 1995-96, it was lots of research..I researched and healed myself with herbs of bronchial asthma. With the success of experimenting, I thought, if I can heal myself from bronchial asthma, the same thing could happen for the blood ,the colon, liver, etc. It just took off…my wife, family, and friends tried the herbs and the results were mind boggling and in November 1999, that’s when I went public with the Full Body Detox and individual herbs. I didn’t have an online presence until 2003. Previously, I did business via phone. Celebrities would come to my small apartment- I am talking about luminaries….Stevie Wonder, Brandy, Shumar Moore, Darin Hensen, Boris Kodjoe. I didn’t have the internet! I was doing business by telephone!
I am sure that didn’t shock you...since when you are on your path. It's "like"the fastest communication….forget internet!
All I had to do was go downstairs to my mailbox and that’s how I was making my money. I was working a corporate job but retired March 23, 2001 -I know it was that day because that day is my Mother’s birthday.
What were you doing in corporate America?
I was working at an investigation agency, auto insurance industry, Stein Investment Agency…worked at Stein for seven years and I was pretty much a factotum – I am a Taurus so I am very laborious and proficient at getting things. I would go to the law firms and commune with the Attorneys, drop and pick up files, I did accounts payable/receivable. I did everything. When I decided to leave, those people did not want to see me leave…they wanted me to work part-time. They didn’t want to leave…they said herbs (herbal business) are not guaranteed and kept reminding that I had a great job and good future there. With Mars in Gemini (astrological natal chart), I am quick witted so I couldn’t be convinced to say. They taught me a lot but I still retired and I am never going back to corporate America.
That’s great. Can you tell us a little about your immediate family? How many children do you have and how did you meet your wife?
I have six kids (five biological) - two from my previous union, one from her previous union and we have three together. This story of meeting my wife is a magical story (you don’t find a lot of men particularly African American men who believe in fairy tales and fantasies) but I do because I am mental scientist. It goes back to the power of the mind…the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between that which is contrived and what is actual. So I was going to get what I could conjure up in my mind. I wanted the ultimate wife, marriage, family – I knew that I could get it through the use of my mind!
Previously, I went through an ugly divorce with the first wife in 2002…took a couple of years to heal …Chakra balancing …Meditation…locked himself up from the world for four years. I purchased books, education videos, studied, and enhanced my vocabulary. I was celibate from 2002-2006. I was healing myself from the heart (fourth chakra). In 2004, I kept hearing “I am ready for love”, “I am ready for love”. Astrology books said the same. I was like, no I am not! During that time, I went to see my daughter and her Mother (the first wife) and she came out of no were saying she would like to talk - she expressed that she wanted to get together. I realized that I had been prepping myself for love at that point! I had watched movies – “When Harry Met Sally” and “Xanadu”. So, I finally decided that I was ready. And low and behold, a women I was talking to invited me to her church to give a lecture in June of 2005- this was totally plutonic but something happen and by September 2005, we knew in spirit that we belonged together. In September of 2005, we got married and consummated in November of 2005.
You should write a book on love!
I have! It’s called The Love Manual – an ebook. It’s available on the website…there is no way I wouldn’t cover that story (
It’s amazing to see your conviction. You have stone-hard conviction. Where did your convictions come from? Where you raised Catholic, Pentecostal, Baptist, etc.?
I know it was something I was born with; it had to be cracked open. I can’t deny religious studies helped especially Islam but religion just refined me. All of us have this. Anytime we have something unique about ourselves, we were born with it. We may go through manmade institutions, but all that does is polish it and get us ready to claim it and live upon it. I know that was the case with myself with my religious studies. Christian, Hebrew, Islamic, Buddhist, Confuscionistic Principals – I studied everything under the sun. I have Neptune in Sagittarius in my natal chart. In astrological language, this means it’s like a caterpillar. The religion is the caterpillar and spirituality is the butterfly. So when you have Neptune in your natal chart, you are going to be very religious and graduate to spirituality. That’s the trait that signifies that. I have that in my natal chart so I was born with it. Went through stuff to polish it and became conscious of it. It's second nature. I am passionate about anything dear to my heart and as far as convictions…there is no other way to live.
Neptune in Sagittarius is completely above my head….my familiarity is limited.
Well, it in your natal chart. There are free internet sites out there like whereby you can punch in your date of birth and your chart will pop up. You can find out what sign Neptune was in at the time you were born. I was born May 4, 1970 and at that particular time, Neptune was Sagittarius. The planets are in signs in intervals of 7 years, 13 years, 19 years, etc. The year you were born will dictate what sign Neptune was in.. it may be different but it means something and it is usually positive. This helps us to learn more about ourselves. We have two personalities - the inner and the personality predicated on life experience and the blueprint is the ultimate personality.
Do you consider yourself an empath and how do you feel about empathetic spirits?
Ah man, I really came to that realization of in 2005. I know we don’t have much time but there are so many things that happened to me of a paranormal nature…it freaks people out. Because I’ve worked so hard to establish myself, lots of folks are opening up to the paranormal realm and multi-interdimensional realm. But something happened to me, beloved, starting in 2002 -2005 that just cracked me open. I started having prophetic dreams! I realized I am empathic – a commercial psychic….an Empath without a doubt.
Let’s move on to talking about your products- they are awesome. I know that you are no longer with I learned of your former company initially and shared your Full Body Detox with a lot of folks that did the full body cleanse as a result of my running my mouth. While most purveyors of nutritional products focus on vitamins, minerals, and other new wave products, your company has a stronger position for herbal products and herbal formulas. Can you share why?
Without a doubt because nature does not produce anything in isolated form- Let me say this, Nature does not and she would never for if she did, there would be no life on earth, we’d be dead. Because if you remove the nitrogen from oxygen (air), we'd be dead. You’re not going to find anything fragmented or dead or isolated in nature. Nature deals with the whole. Ok, we want to heal ourselves; we have to go back to whole foods. When you dealing with whole foods, its stable. It has numerous ingredients - never just one nutrient. You can’t eat an orange and just get vitamin C. Nature doesn’t do that. Nature gives you vitamin C, calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin D, amino acids, you get everything you need. When you understand the herbs compared with the supplements on the market, you find out that the herb is the plant…the plant is holistic. Man will sell you vitamin C by itself and the trip thing about that is that vitamin C is ascorbic acid. The ingredients on the bottle should say vitamin C derived from the following foods because our nutrition should be food -based. When you turn that bottle around its says…ascorbic acid and there is no ascorbic acid in nature.
Didn’t Linus Pauling use ascorbic acid in his research?
Ascorbic Acid – yes. You have acerbate…which is found in nature but ascorbic acid is a chemical. There are great researchers but even some of them miss the mark when it pertains to nature. If you are not experimenting with rosehip or hibiscus…you are going to come up short. I understanding why you don’t have scientist dealing with herbs; herbs can’t be patented. No one is going to research herbs over chemicals. Researchers are looking to invest in something that they can benefit or get a cut from.
Can’t own something already owned by the earth. Thank God folks are waking up.
Yes, some people are waking up! I have couple of videos to do on that. I just blast- I hit the solar plexus! No time for faking the funk people…time is moving guys…you’re not getting any younger. You’ve got to claim your destiny…deal with the ugly stuff…deal with the truth and move forward. We’ve got to go back to nature.
I totally agree – because I had a stress ailment in 1988 and initially, I had been this energetic person; I wanted to accomplish everything. I was going to college, singing back-up in a band, I was working full-time, had this demanding boyfriend and so my whole system just shut down. I didn’t know much about nutrition and didn’t realize how I was harming myself. I had to realize that I was responsible for this illness. Basically, I needed to undo it so that was the beginning of my journey and that is a longer story and this is your time. But I wanted to ask if there is a difference between mainstream herbal products and your products. I know your capsules are not gelatin based. What are they made from.....why are your products better?
I am always going to give you the best for less. That is the's motto. It’s my personal motto. I believe that people should always have the best…I can’t fake the funk. I can’t own the truth and then not give it to you. So you are dealing with herbs here. Commercial grade versus my herb –there’s going to be a big difference because I am not into saving money. I am into giving you what you need so that you can get better especially in the field of health. See, with commercial companies, it’s all about profits so they are not going to give you 100 percent red clover or 100 percent red raspberry. They’re not going to do it. They are going to mix it in with silica. They are going to mix it is with some type of fibrous aid – basically, they are going to cut it. You might get 60 percent red clover and 40% saw dust, fiber, silica, and/or magnesium stearate. I am giving you 100 percent plant herb in a vegan capsule because I don’t believe in using anything from animals. I don’t like how man eats the animal and makes a whole industry off of animal by-products. So when you understand that gelatin is derived from horses, cows, and pigs, you know that goes against a certain belief of mine. So, I am not going to use anything that comes from an animal and gelatin does - gelatin does not dissolve fully as do vegetable cellulose capsules. I need to get 100 percent assimilation, digestion, and absorption of the herbs. That is what vegan capsules allow and gelatin doesn’t.
So, the vegan capsules are made from cellulose? I was wondering how you did this – Does your former operation ( using gelatin capsules?
Wow, I get so many inquiries about those guys. All I can say is I really hope that they are because I got an email from someone yesterday and she let me read it. It’s like, wow, that company is really devolving. It’s unfortunate because they are learning the hard way of what the “D” in Dherbs stood for - everybody in the world knew except for them…so I step away and give these guys an opportunity. They have seven years up under me and you would think they’d know how to manage but you know what’s being revealed - it was just not in the heart…you know…like the Jesus says “The disciples will fast when I am no longer there”. They are going through their period when the soul is gone and hope they are still using the vegan capsules but I really don’t know because I left in July of 2011 and took all of my products – I took everything that belonged to Djehuty Ma’at-ra. However, the articles are still on their site so people can get the knowledge even though they removed my name. I am building a new website for where I will place 700 of my old articles and about 50-55 new articles that I have not revealed yet. You will have the new articles as well as the old articles on the new site. It’s going to be off the chain because my new website is going to be predicated upon the metaphysical and spiritual. In the past, I wrote about the raw and mundane type things but it still helped people but where I am about to go is going to be off-the-chain. And that information is only going to be available on It is unfortunate to hear all the things that I hear about the former business. I always knew that those guys didn’t have it like me…they pretty much worked for me – they did administration, phone calls, shipping and stuff like that and of course I was the brain of the operation. I was the image, the spokesperson, and all of that. I was the soul of but what happens is you can start making so much money that you kind of loose site of the mission and that will never happen to me because I put that in the Universe you know asking God to always protect me. He will never let money corrupt me. When I was 19 years of age, I made this conscious through prayer; well, it wasn’t pray but a decision - I just spoke to God and said I didn’t want money until twenty years from then because I saw a trend with the dope boys getting the cars and the fine women. I knew that was going to end. That didn’t move me. I said God don’t let me get money until I get a head on my shoulders – I needed some sense in my head. It didn’t take twenty years it took fifteen years so by 2005, Dherbs started to make some money and my life begin to change. By 2008, Dherbs went to multi-million status after I was on a Warren Valentine show for fifteen minutes and that changed the history of Dherbs and also changed my life as well.
Now, let’s go back to the Dherbs operation again. You had how many people working with you? I know you mentioned AD was your main partner whom you started with right?
Yes, ma’am, Ahman Dolphin (AD) and Jamel Dolphin. It was just us and then AD’s girlfriend, Catalina Hash-Kova, came on board. We had some people who came and went but by 2007, it was Samantha, Cory, Fatima, Kimmy and then Tonya. So we had about eight employees.
I do remember that and it was great. It’s whatever the universe sees as fit. But it would be great if your former partners could figure it out and bring the soul back. They should figure out the appropriate direction because if not they going to lose.
Without a doubt they are going to lose. You know the heart is not right but AD is really a good person; he just got “out of blocks”. I told him if you don’t get your life together, you are going to lose everything. He also has Saturn in Taurus…I have Saturn in Taurus so we both have great work ethic. However, that brother has too many financial problems and fears….too much fear. A lot of people don’t know that the Universe will give you the desires of your heart. My desire was having ultimate freedom and I am a wild and crazy person when it comes to business – that’s my success. Now, I also am going to do things from the world like study business, corporate law, I love to study…so I got the mundane business thing mastered but I got that new age business model mastered where you use universal law. Think big and you dream and you do different things; don’t follow other people, you are a trendsetter. That is me. That scared the hell out of my Dherbs partners. I say its draining having to continuously build people up because they won’t take to time to work on self like I did. There were a lot of variables that led to the break-up of Dherbs so I don’t regret it a single day. I am at the peak of existence in business on planet earth right now…Jupiter is in Taurus – it has been in there for since June. It's going to be in there for a whole year and when you have Jupiter in Taurus you have expansion of the material and let me tell you. In seven months, Dhealthstore is where Dherbs was in its zenith – it took me seven years to get Dherbs up to this point. In seven months, Dhealthstore is where Dherbs was in its hay day. I have fifteen employees in a 1000 square foot facility. Dherbs had a 5500 square foot facility – My former partners have moved out due to poverty consciousness. The rent was like $5,500 per month. When I left and AD was in charge, poverty consciousness was in charge so they moved to a smaller building and they are only saying $2,500 dollars…that doesn’t make sense when you are making over $100,000 per month. What are they afraid of?
Why didn’t they take your fear elixir? (laugh)
They need to take a whole lot of other things over there!
Now, did you take your entire inventory when you left?
Without a doubt. I trademarked everything. That’s why you see changes on both sites where they’ve changed the name to the Full Body Cleanse. Djehuty Ma’at-ra does not make the Full Body Cleanse, he makes the Full Body Detox…there’s a difference. FBC is different form FBD. They’ve added herbs to their rendition of my formula because by law they had to change the formulas due to the trademark and patent that was placed on my products. They don’t want to tell the people the truth there…people are saying this stuff isn’t potent, there’s something going on and everything. And then they come to Dhealthstore and find whoa(!) Djehuty is not with Dherbs anymore…who is making the herbs and formulas at Dherbs. Another reason they are going to go down is because they won’t be truthful. They know the majority of the people purchase at Dherbs because of me and I got the emails to prove it but I don’t need to prove it because I already know I was the soul of it. So when people found out that I left, those people followed me and that’s why Dhealthstore is doing so well so early off.
Well as mentioned in one of your questions – I think you asked me how I found out about it. And again it was one of those nights where I am seeking knowledge and I was on and there was young lady who had begun to talk about her previous experience with Dherbs. Her caption said “I no longer patronize Dherbs” and I scrambled to look at that video so she explained that you were no longer there and then I started searching for your explanation on
Are you headquartered in California? Have you expanded beyond California?
I am in my dream city of Glendale, California and we plan to venture out. We are doing the dream unlimited to where there is going to be Djehuty’s Health Stores in the major metropolitan cities of the United States and the World. We would like a store in the bay area of San Francisco, Atlanta Georgia (which is my number one market), New York, and Chicago. You know, everywhere where the people are. I have a lot of customers in London....this whole thing has been wild. I answer the phone and talk to people from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, The United Kingdom. These are countries I’ve never traveled to. These people got the product, got their lives changed, and read the information. The Internet has connected us and its mind boggling. I am doing what I always wanted to do but I never knew I’d be doing it to this magnitude.
I am in Maryland – we can certainly use something like that out here. I mean if I weren’t a busy Financial Analyst by day, I would be begging you to allow me to support you in that capacity. We have GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Wholefoods, but there is no discrimination in some of these places and the prices are outrages. I think I speak for the entire DMV (D.C. Maryland Virginia) area when I say we need something out here.
The DMV has a lot of strong supporters. There is no way I can expand without putting a store in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC area. I was just in the Newport News area in December and the love there gets stronger in stronger with every visit. I going to Atlanta in March and I can already feel this is going to be the ultimate lecture and visit. I’ve gone there a few times and there is a magic in the air and I felt it in VA.
Dherbs was great but like I said, there was a lot of limitation and a lot of restriction. You have to explain lots of things so I had to let go of dead weight and go solo. I have an Accountant who that works for me, right? She is a professional. See, I always wanted to hire corporate people because I knew that I was the rare dude that was into the occult and divination and I didn’t expect a lot of people to like me. Most people have gone to college and their pretty structured as far as how they work. Like I said, I study corporate law and I know you have to fuse the two together so the people that work for me came out of corporate America. I have and Assistant who worked for Kaiser for 25 years and I have a person (Anu) who was an Accountant with a major firm and you know I always wanted to take the best from corporate America and bring them on over to the “spiritpreneur” side and that is exactly what I‘ve done. Anu acknowledged that I didn’t do business like everybody else and basically admitted that it’s responsible for my success. She does not understand everything but she sees the success. Not condemning their former occupations – I am just offering something different. Like now, we are getting so many orders and it’s a small facility with hundreds of orders a day. People actually spend the night. You know I can’t find words to describe that dedication. I’ve never experienced anything like that.
That’s love
Without a doubt. My friend, Ace, said I’ve seen you with Afia, Djehty Herbaceuticals, Dherbs, Trinity, and I see you with Dhealthstore; this is the team! And you know what Pam, I know it. Experience from the corporate world and they are going to use it in the spiritual world. Entrepreneur but living a spiritual existence... It’s a business that has a heart.
Yeah, we are going to keep praying that it maintains that structure; just seeing positive images. It’s important as we need this core. We need somewhere to go. It’s kind of like having the church to go to. Somewhere to go even if I am just in a bad mood or just to build hope. It’s really significant. This is why you are being blessed. Now, I want to ask you about success stories. Has there any success stories for major ailments, like HIV, high blood pressure, Depression, etc.
The whole site includes 150-200 pages of testimonies still on the Dherbs site. I have them myself; it would takes months to talk about all the success stories. That’s why I point folks to the website and that made it easy to me. At first, I was the one walking around saying my man “T” got healed from herpes but I am just talking. People where like he’s got something to se11. Folks can reference the site and not just listen to me. When you create a testimony page and people are writing their own testimony. It’s going to blow you away. Like, I tell people I pretty much seen it all. I spoke to a guy on the phone yesterday who had issues with his spine. He said that the doctor said that his spine will never be the same again. You can’t come to me with that kind of talk! I have seen too much. The best success story to me is about myself when those medical doctors of the western world told me that I would have bronchial asthma for the rest of my life!! Even back then at age 12, I just couldn’t embrace that.
Yes and that is obvious because you can literally hear it in the asthmatic’s voice. I do not hear it in your voice.
Yes, I was like, man this doesn’t sound right and I would fantasize about gases and things going into my body. It was thoughts of gasoline or a liquid substance that was purifying my body then low and behold, I discovered oxygen therapy. The fantasy was oxygen therapy and IT was purifying my body. I was like this was the catch! That’s why I kept like fantasizing about this gas saturating my body. Oxygen therapy came about in the late 90’s early 2000. It was a wrap. The herbs worked wonders but the oxygen just took things to another level. Herbs, including fenugreek and cayenne, got rid of the asthma because it was mucous. No one ever told me about mucous. My mother loved me. I don’t think she tried to constantly kill me but she fed me white rice and veggies out of the can, meat loaf, and hog-mog. You know- the traditional diet of the black American family. I have Aries in the sixth house which means I am prone to certain diseases and certain physical debilitations but nobody told me that I almost died because I had so much mucous in my body. My body was trying to steal water from the tissues of the lungs to save me. When anyone breathes, they lose water so you actually need water. Even, as a little boy, I knew I got relief when I drink water. Every time I’d drink water, I felt better. You mean to tell me if that if I drink more water than soda pop and Kool-Aid, I wouldn’t had to suffer the way I did? I got the lesson and I am going to share with other people and it’s all good. We live and we learn and that’s what my dad always told me.
We live and we learn. I am especially wondering about lupus. As you know, Toni Braxton has Lupus.
Yeah, I deal with a lot celebs. They’re no different from people who are not celebs. They are just as ignorant pertaining to diet and life. It’s no different. Folks wanted to know how you came on the scene and have all these celebs (all these other herbalist have been on the scene for many these years). Well, I have my reasons. The thing about myself and the celebs over the years, I never over charge them. Stevie Wonder, Bruce Bruce and what have you, I never over charge them. I would charge them $100 dollars for the Full Body Detox who they would be like, are you serious? They thought I would be like other Herbalists who would charge $1500-$2000 because they had money. My product is priced a particular price and I don't switch predicated upon who you are. You are a celebrity but your organs are not a celebrity, your kidneys are not a celebrity. I never got caught up on that so if the detox is $100 to you, its $100 for Stevie Wonder or Bruce Bruce or Brandy or anybody else. Number two, I always keep it real with them. I never talk to them about the industry, “when is your next album movie coming out, etc.” I don't talk to them about Hollywood or the industry, never. They told me you are so real and that they don’t have anybody to talk to. I remember (name omitted) called me 12 midnight crying. She was like you and wife are the only friends I have. You don't know how it is thinking that millions of people love you...thinking its love. It’s an illusion because they don't know the real person . It’s like slavery for these people. As a celeb, you got to buy peoples way. When you go to dinner, people expect to her to pay their way. (Name omitted) would come over and I'd be like let’s take a walk and go to Jamba juice and I would say what do you want? The girl starts crying again! I was like what is it? She said no one has ever bought me anything. You know so it is a certain side of humanity that a lot of us take for granted. Even, I can relate to it now because I have been given the stigma of the celebrity Herbalist in dealing with celebs and now with the thing and the videos. That did it for me. I talk to people on the phone every day and they are like “Oh my God, its Djehuty! Honey, I am talking to Djehuty!” It’s crazy, I am just Djehuty but that whole Celeb thing, I understand. I go to Wholefoods and folks are like its Djehuty, the guy on! I just want to get my food and go. I am no special person, I am just Djehuty. I understand the Brandy's, I understand the Shamar Moore’s....I understand these people.
But it is tough to be brave. You are popular because you are being brave. You are kind of going up against the machine and I know you know that. You reach a lot of people and I kind of wonder whether or not the CIA or the FBI is looking at him in particular and l am praying…hoping not.
I have had my run ins with them (pause). I did back in 2002. I was going to see my Chiropractic doctor and these two white gentleman ("phoop") flashed the badges. All snap, I finally made that list. They basically said, can we talk to you. I was ready though. They interrogated me for 2 hours. They definitely dissected my mindset. I know for a fact that I am on the list but I am not a threat. They watch me and they know I am all about personal responsibility. If I would have stayed in the Nation of Islam and been militaristic -“get the gat and show him where it’s at” or the white man is this or that (all that stuff that a lot of people still subscribe to), maybe I would not be on the phone right now. Because of my message and my link to the Universe and cosmic forces, they don't mess with me and I told them that. The DEA came and I’ve dealt with the DEA, FDA, FBI agencies. I never wanted to deal with but what you run from you run to.
I don’t know if this is a proprietary question but are your products sourced from the United States or internationally?
Everywhere. That’s what makes them so great. I get the best blood herb from China or from Africa, the best blood herb from American. All of these countries... That would mean that people from all races can take these herbs and get staggering results. You hear about traditional Chinese herbs. Ok, cool, I am going to put it all together. I want to be about humanity across the globe. That’s the Sagittarius in my chart -all people. Omin Rah once told me the best business advice that I ever got. He is on the west coast and makes Egyptian magic salve. He said brother, let me tell you, don’t limit yourself to black people ...don't be African...don't limit to Kemet. Be universal. That was from a black man. I tell you, I took that in proverbial fashion and ran all the way to bank with it.
Yes, because you can't be as big as you need to be to continue to support the black people. You can’t just limit that target. The one thing that I wanted to mention was whether or not you believed in eating for your blood type. Do you have a position of eating for your blood type?
Yes, I do. I wrote an article on that and don't really believe in that because the animals don't eat predicated upon blood type and when you tap into the spirit and blueprint of yourself, you don’t need to be pricking needles and checking your blood type in order to eat a certain food. You can use energy to dictate what type of food you should be eating. You can use pendulum to find out if the food is energetically compatible with your make-up. It doesn’t make sense. This is modern day stuff.
If a person is not in-tune, I guess they can just look at how their body responds after digestion?
You can do things like but you shouldn’t have to be pricked to have to know your blood type. Just simply take things out of the diet and then reincorporate and see what you positively react to and see what they adversely react to.
What do you think about “RH-” people?
Again, I cover that in the article. I don't deal with it because these names and codes have been created by man. When you deal with man you are going to get something faulty. A lady came in the Dhealth store and she was trying to do the whole blood-typing thing. She was eating meat and dairy products. I said why are you doing that ma’am? She replied that she was eating for her blood type. I said you mean to tell me that you are going to eat for your blood type and it’s not compatible with the rest of your biology…not compatible with the rest of your body. I said you are black. You are melanite and you are lactose intolerant by nature and the blood type disagrees with that? So you are eating dairy and meat because of the blood type. She said that her doctor her to eat for her blood. Again, I explained that you’re going to go wrong with man. She mentioned that she get gassy and spasms. I asked her who she was going to listen to. God just knows blood and it is composed of certain substances.
You are a vegan, right?
Vegan/raw “foodist”
…And you know, it shows. Your skin is great and its really smooth; I don’t know your age. Also, you are particularly lean. Is that your natural body type or is it due to the vegan diet?
I am 41 and I’ve been lean my whole life didn’t matter what I ate. They call it naturally raw bone. It didn't matter if I ate meat, hamburger, quarter pounder, I ate bad like everybody else; it is fast metabolism. This comes from my father’s side of the family. We don't put on weight. We are lean of course until you overdose on the SAD diet (Sad American Diet). My brother and my whole family were lean but my brother has bulked up. My sister is now over 200 pounds. The coopers were lean people but eating the meat and everything. The last time it was like wow. My sister saw me on and she said brother you are looking good. We talk via phone periodically. I saw my older brother at my daughter’s graduation about a year or two ago. He is only one year older than me. He looked like he was 63 and you can see the years of rough living, lying, cheating, and conniving bad...eating bad. You can see how the world robs you zaps you of life. We are just one year difference! He was like you look good man. It’s because I’ve done different things man for twenty years. He started to tell me that I act like I am against the family man and that I don’t celebrate Christmas or Thanksgiving. It’s like you are too good for us. No man, I have eyes to see and I see where this particular lifestyle which is a death style will leads to. You can’t go against the patterns of a cycle so I made changes so if we eat like Mom and Dad, so what do you think is going to happen to us. You drink alcohol and drink cigarettes man. It’s a conclusion that you cannot alter. If you do these things you are going to get the same results pursuant to the law of cause and effect. So I see that and I made changes and I am bold enough to make the changes. They say I act like I am too good for the family. That’s your perception. That’s not necessarily my reality! I just love myself. I don't come around the family because I still love you guys. You all may not think that. You all think that I am in the boondocks and that I am balling and all this stuff here but I still love you guys. I love you guys so much and I can’t be around you guys watching you hog yourself under the banner of enjoying yourself. I don’t get down like that.
I completely understand that and my heart aches for that. I can understand seeing the family doing things...and can’t…
Exactly, so I don't go around because I don't anyone to feel bad. I want you all to have a good time. You should have a good time because the matrix is putting fire to your backside so you need the weekend and need to go clubbing. You need the family reunions. I don’t need that stuff because my family reunion, my Christmas, my Easter and everything you people wait for is every day in my life.
Now ok. So what do you think about wine every so often. Should we not have any People can’t have any you'd say?
People can have anything they want...they can have gasoline if they want.
You know what I mean. From your perspective...your advice.
….Certain people have a proclivity to alcohol based on astrological straits like Virgo and Pieces. That's why Micheal Jackson was on the know...look at the Virgo female. They are prone to drinking alcohol. Certain people have a proclivity to drink based on what they do in the matrix. Because alcohol is called an intoxicant , I can't mess with it because its I know it’s called a toxicant. This is what man has said – Alcohol is an intoxicant. I am going to look at the root word. Toxic means poisonous. People say I am too technical...maybe I am. I am a Taurus and I am stern, rigid, and methodical but I am going to follow nature. If it is toxic, it doesn’t belong in my body. Yeah wine, a little wine, but it’s a toxicant. It doesn’t grow wild in nature. There are no rivers of wine. Wine is processed by the hands of man.
And it’s not just grapes with antioxidant...people use that as excuse as well….
Antioxidant? You might as well get some grape juice. I mean wine is fermented. Your stomach automatically ferments food. You let it ferment outside of your body. It is processed.
I feel that way for certain.
I don’t tell people what to do. You can drink some gasoline if you want to. If you ask me my position, then I tell you. I don't mess around with wine because it’s processed with ether, formaldehyde and I know formaldehyde is used for embalming fluid. I just put two and two together.
Yeah, I believe that because it makes me sick. I try it for relaxation and I am not digesting this stuff, so I go and get niacin, co-enzymes, and other enzymes to try and break it down. I am like why do I have to do all of this stuff but obviously I do consume it every so often but it’s really interesting but I am going to ask you this. You say you don’t want to advise anyone on the diet that they should have but what about a diet with 75% veggies and some hormone-free meat. Absolutely not or?
If people want to do that and it makes them happy, I say go for it but the Deputy perspective is no, I am never going to embrace a diet that is predicated upon animal flesh because life brings us life and death renders death. You cannot get life from consuming death and the things they do to those animals is outright barbaric. You are what you eat whether its hormone free what have you? Those animals still had to die for you to consume it and all the animals we are eating are female to so it plays a role in the disrespected females in our society. If you eat meat you are going to behave carnivorous. You know what I am saying. It is in our language. We call women chicks. We pull up to the fast-food restaurant and ask for two legs, two breasts, two thighs. These are all body parts that we use to describe women and there have been books that have been put out by feminists that make some solid points. The disrespect of women is evident in the food that we consume. We are not consuming male animals, we are consuming 95% female creatures because they are bigger…they get bigger because of the estrogen. That is why they give them hormones. Basically, the females carry more meat and u know more meat, more production, more profit. Look at the terms...this is a predatory disrespect of nature. It’s like a see it in society...let me go pick up a couple of chicks's hilarious! I love the matrix man. It may sound like I am adverse to American society. I got to tell the truth. I mean I really love it because it’s a maze. It’s like a riddle. I have Mars in Gemini which describes my mentally in addition to Mercury...I love it and it’s fun cracking the riddle. Folk are like but Djehuty, “they lied to us....they got us paying taxes...taxes are unconstitutional man. They took away our right to travel and we got to get a driver’s license now, it ain’t right man...". Well it’s fun and we are consenting to it. We don't do nothing to change it. You are contracted and you don't want to go to the want to trust an want to elect politicians …you want to believe in a Reverend. You got to tell someone outside of yourself to tell you to do every damn thing…keep your mouths consent...I don't want to hear nothing about corrupt politicians...we consent...we about to get off into the election bug this November. We like it. “Man, you know it’s all corrupt; they choose the president”. So what! You like it and you keep it going because if you really didn’t like it, you would change it. We change what we really don’t like. When you really don't like a man and you really don't like a change it.
It’s a matter of fear and courage. I think a lot of us lack that (courage).
Oh, a lot of people do. I was on the phone with a dude yesterday. I told my friend Gump. I told Gump that half of my consultation with this dude was dealing with his fear. A grown man talking about fear of the doctor and harping on about fear... I asked him why he kept harping about fear as I told him what to do. He was still like, "I know but it’s just the fear". I decided that I’ve got to make a couple of videos on fear. “DO THE THING YOU FEAR AND THE FEAR WILL DISAPATE?” You got to walk in the direction of fear because it an illusion. The more you walk in the direction you get knowledge right. You going to be like, all snap! You’re going to tell me that I’ve been afraid because of ignorance? Because knowledge is a form of experience and experience is that ultimate teacher. So many people deprive themselves of the experience because they allow fear to paralyze them. You see it’s not so much the fear but what you do in response to that fear; that is the key. So, that’s why I love being bold and radical! The more you're like that predicated upon intelligence man, you are not going to be a fearful person. You are not going to be dealing with a lot of situations predicated upon fear.
Well thank you...that speaks to me.
I tell people that there are some people in the afro-centric community who are upset with myself because you don’t hear me talk about all the racism and all that stuff there. I am too smart to know that it doesn’t exist! I have learned how to work mental science and Universal law so I don’t have it in my life. Just because I don’t experience racism doesn’t meant that it doesn’t exist. I simple change the channel to a channel that best serves and suits my needs so I don't deal with a lot of the foolishness and the craziness, the sexism, the racism. Hell yeah, it’s there but it’s not in my world because of my frequency and I learned I had the choice to do that. As a little boy, I wanted to combat racism. White men wouldn’t hire me and they would look me up and down. I went through that you know. I always knew in my life there was a problem but I never knew I would actually penetrate that barrier through health. Even religion couldn’t unite us! Because when you are sick...ya sick...when somebody can help you, you ain’t tripping on the color! They just want to feel well.
Well, Djejuty Ma'at-ra, this concludes our interview. I just want to ask you if you have any Question for me? I would just tell you, beloved, because I can hear and sense it in your spirit. I would tell you to keep doing what you are doing. You are most definitely on your path. We learn in the astrology that what we do within the mundane world serve a purpose for what we do in the spiritual world meaning on a higher life purpose. You deal with the economy that industry there. It may not look like it beloved but it does play a role in your life even pertaining to what you desire to do and I am speaking from experience.
Thanks for that confirmation for I really appreciate it. I just want to let you know that I send love and appreciation your way and I thank you for your time and pray for continued success in anything that you lead. I don’t care if it’s not Dherbs but whatever you do I pray that you continue...I would like to chat with you soon. Before I publish the article, I will send a draft…
When u are ready if u want that consultation on health, it’s on me. The consultation is my gift to you for the interview.
Well, thank you. I’ve learned a lot from you as well and I read a lot, however, I need more information.
No problem; whatever I can do. Lock my number in. I got your number...just whatever...I am here for you.
Thanks so much and I thank your family for allowing me to steal an hour and 15 min of your time.
You have a beautiful rest of the day.
Thank you. Thank you so much. Have a great day. Take care now.

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best wishes to your success


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