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The Ancient Egyptian Science of healing with Radiant Foods

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This following are from Tariq SAWANDI, a master herbalist, nutritionist and consultant on holistic health.
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The Ancient Egyptian Science of Healing with Radiant Foods

Medical science has done much to investigate the mechanisms behind disease, but it has only recently begun to study the reasons that people stay healthy based on the foods they eat. Western nutritionists have tended to focus upon the microscopic and micro-molecular mechanisms behind health and disease, but have often lost sight of the bigger picture. Mainstream nutritionists suffer from an extreme narrow mindedness in thinking because of this steadfast focus upon the Newtonian worldview of people as sophisticated biological machines.
However, the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago, had the unique perspective that human beings are more than flesh and blood, proteins, fats, and nucleic acids. They believed that the life-force is part of the spirit that animates all living creatures. It is the radiance, or frozen light that circulates in the body. It is a unique form of vibrational energy that has yet to be fully grasped by Western scientists of the 21st century. This light energy is an aspect of human nature that is not taught in Euro-centric health science, nor well understood by most Western nutritionists.
As mentioned in Part I of this essay, the energy meridians, the seven energy bodies and other higher systems of the human multidimensional anatomy have been described by the ancient African healers of Egypt for over seven thousand years. It is only through the acceptance of this Egyptian medical science that African people can begin to comprehend the true secrets of balanced health and longevity. The evidence that I have assembled in this essay comes from THE BOOK OF COMING FORTH BY DAY, and from a variety of Egyptian esoteric literature as well as scientific research.

The Human Body as Light

The ancient Egyptians maintain that we are beings of energy and light. If this is true, then it follows that our bodies can be affected by energy and light waves. From this perspective, one can begin to comprehend the ways of choosing foods, and medicines to maintain balanced health. Instead of conventional approaches to nutrition such as counting vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, calories, etc., our African ancestors treated people with Ra-diant food nutrition. I refer to this science as "Photo-biogenics." This theoretical perspective is based upon the understanding that the molecular arrangement of the physical body is actually a complex network of interwoven energy fields of light. These unique energy systems are powerfully affected by our emotions and levels of spiritual balance as well as the foods that we eat. These subtle energies influence cellular patterns of growth, the aging process, and physical balance.
We now know that molecules, cells, and DNA are made of yet tinier particles called atoms. Only within the last century has Western science evolved to the point of being able to answer the question, "what are atoms"? It has now become common knowledge that atoms are further reducible to even smaller particles called electrons, neutrons, protons, leptons, bosons, quarks, photons, and other sub-atomic particles. All matter, including the human body, is composed of different arrangements of these sub-atomic energies.


Since Western nutritional standards treat people without including the Africans' particular bio-chemistry relative to their calculations and medical tests, their treatments are not consistent with our physiology and subtle-energetic anatomy. Highly melanized people, especially black people must be treated with different health standards than whites. The current nutritional standards sanctioned by the National Academy of Science is based on white chemistry and the daily dietary requirements are prescribed according to the needs of whites, who do not store and radiate energy the way that blacks do.
Dr Jewel Pookrum states, "when we eat certain foods that are not meant for us, it blocks our circuitry and causes us problems. We are protein and fat sparing. When we eat high amounts of animal fat and protein, we clog our circuitry and actually shorten our lives." In other words, if we overload our circuitry, or energy-fields with foods like pork, beef, fried foods, white sugar, white rice, salt, and dairy products, it blocks melanin from making the energy exchanges that are needed in our bodies, and this results in disease and dysfunction such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and prostate cancer.
Melanin is a brown or black substance which is naturally found in the skin of Africans and people of color. This is the chemical that makes a person appear black. Although all humans regardless of race contain some levels of melanin in their bodies, it is highly concentrated in blacks. Melanin is not only found in the skin, but on other parts of the body as well, such as the hair and eyes. Melanin is also found in the (12) brain centers which energizes the body. Melanin is also contained in the nervous system, the genes, the intestines, the muscles, heart, kidneys, the liver, and in every major organ of the body.
Light-energy has a different effect on black bodies than it does on whites, or non-melanized people. This fact plays an important part, in the significance of treating Africans with the science of Photo-biogenics. Black chemistry research has discovered that melanin reflects the entire electro-magnetic spectrum which is composed of cosmic-rays, gamma-rays, micro-rays, x-rays, ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, light rays, and radio rays. These waves exist naturally throughout the universe and the length and size of the waves vary tremendously from the most minute to the extreme of several miles. The visible spectrum of white light only represents a small section of the full electro-magnetic spectrum, but the total spectrum which includes white light is black light, and melanin is the solid form of this total spectrum of black light. Thus, our bodies reflect the total electro-magnetic spectrum.
The ancient Egyptians realizing this, treated and nourished the human body with "Radiant Principles." According to the Book of Coming Forth by Day, "In the most hidden parts of man dwells his own reality, his eternal being, his real self. This hidden spiritual nature is Ra."
The ultimate goal of Photo-biogenics (the study of how light affects black bio-chemistry) is the understanding of self, and the relationship between the life-force (Ra) and our spiritual nature, which cannot be attained as long as our eating habits are guided by irrationality.

Photo-biogenics and its Relations to the Vital Force, Nutrition and the Human Body

Nile Valley physicians produced many health science devices which were used in the treating of diseases including instruments designed to make it possible to select healthy food from bad before ingesting it. These devices were simple enough to be operated by man, woman, or child. The instruments were used mostly by Nile Valley priests for diagnostic and curative purposes. Two such devices were the pendulum and divining rod which were attached to various materials, including quartz or octagonal crystals. The use of these medical devices were misused and distorted by Europeans are used to detect water and oil sources.
The specific technique for testing food for freshness and vitality is a science which as been practiced by Egyptians for millennia. The basic instrument consisted of a crystal with a fixed metal point suspended on a double strand of red and violet silk. The device is known to be "para-diamagnetic" because it is sensitive to objects which are either attracted or repelled by a magnet. Bodies which are attracted, such as iron, cobalt, nickel, magnesium, chrome, or titanium are para-magnetic; those which are repelled, such as copper, zinc, tin, lead, sulfur and bismuth are called diamagnetic. By placing a small magnetic field between the crystal and the pendulum, Nile priests were able to pick up very faint currents emanating from various foods.
The pendulum could tell the intrinsic vitality and relative freshness of different foods within their protective skins because of the power of their radiations. Those radiant frequencies can be measured in units called angstroms. The angstrom unit is an extremely small unit of length that is used primarily to express wavelengths of visible light, ultraviolet light, x-rays, gamma rays, cosmic rays, and other types of electromagnetic radiation. The wavelengths of visible light, for example, range from 3800 angstroms (violet light) to 7600 angstroms (red light). By placing a piece of fruit or vegetable, or any kind of food near the device causes the pendulum to change direction at a certain distance which is an indication of the degree of the foods' vitality.
Whenever we ingest a particular food, its radiant energy can either correct or disturb the human energy system within our bodies. Not only can foods rebalance the physical body, but can also lift the consciousness and spiritual awareness. The human energy bodies demand intelligent regulation for universal stability. In order to preserve the integrity of the physical body and its health, the human energy fields require a regulating constant of 6,500 angstroms, the normal radiance of a healthy person.


For the convenience of the reader, the following is a dietary guide of radiant foods based upon their therapeutic effects on the body and its energy systems. These foods are divided into seven general classes.
In the Egyptian system of health, a balanced diet is not determined by the presence of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, or minerals. These nutrients are know to us by the Western standard of health. For the most part, Western nutrition comes out of laboratory analysis. The Egyptian system of nutrition comes directly from the sun. The science of Photo-biogenics allows us to eat a balance diet naturally, guided by our African bio-chemistry.
According to our ancient wisdom, food is the means by which we re-create the world as ourselves. Through food, we embody the sun and the cosmic energies of the Universe, regenerating our spiritual essence. Our spiritual nature interacts with the properties of the foods we eat.
In the Western nutritional system nutrients are considered equivalent in biological value. According to this principle, a bowl of spaghetti with tomato sauce is equivalent in protein and calories to a two-egg omelet. In addition, people are assumed to be the same physiologically regardless of race, or ethnic background. So the choice of diet is simply a matter of taste preference under these guidelines.
As African people, who we are should determine what is most beneficial for us to eat, and what we eat is considered to affect our particular biochemistry and energy patterns of health and disease. Under the Egyptian system both food and people are understood within the language of "Ra" and its radiant energies, modified by the sun, the electromagnetic spectrum, the environment, and climatic conditions. The appropriateness of a food cannot be established without knowledge of the geographical context.
The African diet consisted mainly of raw fruits, nuts, grains, vegetables and legumes. These foods tend to promote the loss of body heat and the secretion of fluids. In the hot zone of the African continent, these foods were more appropriate to the African physiology. For a Caucasian living in the cold climate of Europe whose body would be cold, damp, and lacking melanin, this diet would aggravate symptoms of chilliness, phlegm, fullness, and fatigue. So nature has designed the diet most appropriate to the climate and its people. Every culture of people require different foods - genetically and nutritionally. This is why it is important to match your natural makeup with the correct diet.
Another factor that guides food selection under the Egyptian system is the relative radiance of one food to another which is associated with a specific wavelength of light. This system allowed Nile Valley priests to measure both the vitality and freshness of foods. This basic information opens the door for a wealth of knowledge about how to apply foods to the African body type. Our discussion will divide foods into seven general classes:


    ', '', '





    Grains and Nuts




    Beans and Legumes







High Radiance - 8,000 to 10,000 Angstroms Avoid





canned fruits









akee apples



baobab fruit



dehydrated fruits

frozen fruits


High Radiance - 8,000 to 10,000 Angstroms Avoid



onions & garlic

brussels sprouts

all canned vegetables





green beans

leafy greens





sweet potato


raw vegetables in general

some frozen vegetables

High Radiance - 8,500 to 9,000 Angstroms


brown rice

pumpkin seeds













All seeds and nuts are acceptable


High Radiance - 8,500 to 9,000 Angstroms Avoid

ocean fish




all red meats





All in small amounts


High Radiance - 7,000 to 8,000 Angstroms Avoid

kidney beans


blackeye peas

lima beans

all canned & dried beans

mung beans


pink lentils

red beans

All lentils and beans should be eaten fresh


High Radiance 8,500 Angstroms Avoid

olive oil

coconut oil

palm oil

shea oil

butter & margarine

peanut oil

Can be used for cooking

Very Low Radiance

Avoid all Dairy Products

Fruits are filled with solar radiation in the healthful light spectrum between the bands of infrared and ultraviolet, and their radiance rises slowly to a peak while ripening, then gradually decreases to zero at putrefaction. The banana is healthily edible for about eight days out a span of twenty-four. Between the time it is picked and when it starts to rot, it gives off optimum vibrations when it is yellow, not so good when green, and very low when black.
Most fruits run between 8,000 and 10,000 angstroms at the peak of their maturity. Freezing fresh fruit has the effect of prolonging their life. When they are defrosted they resume their radiance at almost the same level as when they were iced. Food placed in a refrigerator will deteriorate, but at a much slower pace. Unripe fruits and vegetables in a refrigerator may actually increase in radiance as they slowly mature.
On the other hand, dehydrated fruit was found by experiment to retain its vitality; if soaked in "vitalized" water for 24 hours, even several months after drying, it would re-radiate almost as strongly as when freshly picked. Canned fruits remain perfectly dead and should be avoided as they contain no radiance. This is also true of pasteurized fruits and juices which was found to kill the wavelengths dead.
Vegetables are most radiant if eaten raw, two raw carrots being better than a plateful of cooked ones. Most vegetables have a radiance between 8.000 and 10,000 angstroms when fresh. Vegetable when left to soak in a glass of water overnight, releases healthful vibrations into the water which can been be drunk or added to food to provide better nourishment.
Most vegetables if eaten fresh from the garden remain high in radiance. On the other hand, by the time most vegetables get to the market in town, or the grocery they have lost one-third of their potency; by the time they have been subjected to cooking, they have lost another third. So it is important to eat vegetables at their freshest.
The potato, which as a radiance of only 2,000 angstroms when raw (perhaps because it grows underground hidden from the sun), mysteriously rises to 7,000 angstroms when boiled and all the way to a very healthy 9,000 angstroms when baked. The same applies to other tubers.
Milk, which measures at 6,500 angstroms when fresh from the cow, loses 40 percent of its radiation by the end of twelve hours and 90 percent by the end of twenty-four. As for pasteurized dairy, research has found that it killed the wavelengths dead. So milk which can be purchased from the grocery store has no radiance whatsoever and should be avoided.
Butter and margarines fare no better. Butter, which radiates about 8,000 angstroms, is good for about ten days before it start to fall off, reaching bottom in about 20 days. The same is true for fresh eggs and cheese.
Radiance experiments have found that ocean fish and shellfish are good foods with a bright radiance from 8,5000 to 9,000 angstroms especially if caught fresh and eaten raw. This includes crabs, oysters, clams, and other shellfish. Lobsters, however, are best cut in half while live and broiled on a wood fire. Fresh water fish is much less radiant.
The other category of meats such as cooked meats, sausages, and other innards along with coffee, tea, chocolate, jams, fermented cheeses, and white bread are very low in radiation. They do one little or no good in raising healthy energy levels. Red meats are almost pointless to eat; they are an exercise in tough digestion for the African body type, which wears out rather than vitalize the eater, requiring you to drink coffee to keep from falling asleep.
In terms of cooking oils, olive oil was found to have a high radiance of 8,5000 angstroms, and to be extremely long-lasting. Six years after pressing, it still gives off around 7,500 angstroms. Other oils which have been traditionally used by African culinary is coconut oil, peanut oil, palm oil, and shea oil. These oils were also found to give off optimum vibrations.
Butter and margarines which radiates about 8,000 angstroms, is good for about ten days before it starts to fall off, reaching bottom in about twenty days.
Long before the so-called dawn of history, grains has been a basic nutrient of African people. In Egyptian history, the origin of domesticated grains is attributed to Ausar. On the scale of radiance, wheat has a radiance of 8,5000 angstroms; when cooked, this rises to 9,000. Wheat can and should be eaten in a variety of ways rather than simply in bread. Whole wheat flour should be mixed into pies, tarts, and other pastries with oils, eggs, fruits, and vegetables. Essential enzymes, vitamins and minerals, including iron, cobalt, copper, manganese, and molybdenum are in the germ and husk of wheat grain. Other grains such as barley, oats, rye, corn, etc. are similar to the radiance of wheat.
On the other hand, refined white sugar, bleached white flour, along with coffee and salt; all are devitalized as far as radiation is concerned with the life force gone. They speed up the aging process and deteriorate the body.
In modern refined foods, the vitamins, trace elements and enzymes are arbitrarily removed, mostly to render the food more durable. In effect, they remove the life, killing it dead. Life comes from life, and death from death. The bleached flour that goes into white bread, white sugar, refined table salt, and hydrogenated fats are one of the leading causes of diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer among African Americans.
Radiance experiments have also found nuts to have healthy radiations of 8,500 angstroms. Nuts of all types such as coconuts, sunflower, pumpkin seed, and especially almonds and walnuts are good for the African body type.
Legumes, such as peas, beans, lentils, or chickpeas, rate about 7,000 to 8,000 angstroms when fresh. Dried they lose most of their radiance. They become heavy, indigestible, and hard on the liver. To benefit from legumes, they should be lightly cooked and freshly picked. Optimum results come from their juices, especially if drunk at 10 AM and 5 PM, when they are easily digested and do not tire the system but nourish it.
In order for African people to experience optimum and radiant health, they should eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fresh fish that give off radiations higher than their own normal 6,500 angstroms, if they wish to energize themselves and feel healthy. Instead of bringing vitality to the body, low-radiance foods, such as meats and bad bread, sap the body of its existing vitality. That is why one can feel heavy and devitalized from a meal that is expected to replenish one's energy.
Photo-biogenics is also specific for the treatment of any diagnosable disease, but operates in a subtle way on the radiations coming through the human body, and in so doing raises the vitality of the person concerned. When vitality is raised to the necessary level, illness disappears.

Tariq Sawandi is a Master herbalist, nutritionist, and consultant on holistic health. Dr. Sawandi is renown for his in-depth knowledge of African holistic medicine, including Chinese and Japanese medicine, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and North American Indian herbology. He is also the pioneer of a new holistic health treatment called, "Herbal-neuro- immunology" which is used to treat infectious diseases such as the AIDS. He has written for the "Black Healer" newsletter and is the author a of new book titled, "African Medicine: A Guide to Yoruba Divination and Herbal Medicine." Dr. Sawandi welcomes your questions. He can be reached at P.O. Box 3466, Bldg. 3B04-210, #D47495, Corcoran, CA 93212-3466.

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