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Young Woman Disowns Disrespects Her Mother in Court Because She Is Dark Skinned  

BlackCredible Afrikan Registered

Watching this was heartbreaking.

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Posted : 05/24/2016 5:19 pm
Most BlackNificent Afrikan! Admin

No insanity can shock me at this point. Only having sense despite wading through a cesspool of miseducation, diseducation and anti-education surprises me.

Posted : 05/25/2016 5:32 pm
BlackTacular Afrikan Registered

?errthang;187272 wrote: Don't get twisted by this...while there are definitely some sick souls out there who feel this way, this particular show was scripted/acted for ratings...not real.

I have a buddy who auditioned for a similar show. They're scripted for sure!

Posted : 05/26/2016 4:33 pm

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