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My name is Onitaset removed link   Since 2011, I've been writing and sharing articles on the African Blood Siblings website ( removed link ) .  Last year (2017) I wrote two books, "Zuberi; and the Maroons of Maa" and "The Pro-Black removed link "  I stepped into the social media world with an interest in book removed link   I then began my podcast (available on Youtube) "The Pro-Black removed link "

I've seen recommendations for Abibitumi on twitter and downloaded the app last removed link   I registered this time around because I've been seeing more of Ọbádélé Kambon's videos being posted and Ọbádélé said we ought to be on independent Black social removed link   I really became interested, however, after I asked my friend if Ọbádélé had a relation to Kamau Kambon and he told me Ọbádélé is his removed link   Before that of course I thought Ọbádélé looked like his baba and had his last name but it never removed link   As a Baba, I have the utmost respect for a Baba who teaches his Son well; and I have the utmost respect for a Son who mirrors his Baba!  Mine is still a toddler, but here's to him mirroring and surpassing me!

I do wish to write more books but I haven't really sold enough to justify writing more and removed link   However, if anyone is interested in an editor, I'd be happy to discuss removed link   Once upon a time, I taught myself excellence in the english removed link   A lot of the great books coming out these days are grammatically poor (and sometimes lacking in removed link )  If nothing else, I can lend this self-taught expertise to anyone interested in furthering our removed link

Either way, here's my books and removed link   If anyone reads or listens, it's much removed link  

The Pro-Black Compendium (Book): removed link

Zuberi; and the Maroons of Maa (Book): removed link

The Pro-Black Perspective (Podcast): removed link

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