Repatriate to Ghana...

Repatriate to Ghana - Year of the Return 2019 - Housing  

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Abibifahodie Sikani!
Abibisika (Black Gold):1857

Book long term and short term stays in Ghana at the Sankofa Guest House!

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We created the Sankofa Guest House to support those who want to enjoy a Pan-African oasis in Ghana.

Ensuite Private Room (ie private suite with bathroom)


To Be AnAfrikan Woman is to:
- be life affirming
- be in partnership with an Afrikan man
- be a political organizer
- function as part of a collective
- exert influence
- speak for the Ancestors
- be an advocate for Afrika
- be a mother who does whatever is necessary to protect her child
- teach
- be a healer
- represent the continuity of Afrikan people
- represent the stability of the Afrikan family
- maintain and pass on Afrikan culture
- organize and direct the Afrikan market, enabling our people to understand thespirit of economic exchange and distribution of our resources
- be a scientist of the sacred
- be an intellectual
- be Divine
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