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I have been reading about Repatriation to Ghana. I am a mixed race male born in 1991. My African side is African-American & I was separated from them when I was too young to realize. I am essentially a foster child. 

Most of my black side of the family has been eradicated by the government as they were Black Panthers in America. My other side is Asian but I have not really ever been in touch with them. I am very pale skinned with African facial features & physique but I am African to the soul. I've heard all sorts of names & derogatory terms. My favorite one was (while wearing a mask) "I thought he was Chinese, until he took his mask off." I have nothing here. No real family.   It’s all been taken from me & off the books. I blame government corruption but they’ve made it so I will never be able to prove it. Somehow as a child I ended up here in the province of Saskatchewan in Canada & I have been here for 29 years.

I am paying 2 student loans in fields I can even get jobs in & when I do I get “boy”d around on the job site. In other words, disrespected. Stigmatized as lazy, even though, when I work I am the opposite of that.  I’ve just finally come to terms with the fact that there is nothing here for a person like me. I’m simply not happy here.

In my spare time I create music. I’ve spent the last few years producing hip hop for local artists. I have an Audio Engineering Diploma that I went to Post Secondary for & this year I have begun to learn how to play guitar, which I really enjoy. 

Most recently, I have completed my 1st Year Apprenticeship to be an Electrician, with my 1st year of School completed & about half the required on job hours to take my 2nd year schooling. I’m not sure this would in any way be able to transfer over in Ghana, I am assuming not, but I have learned a lot from the course & still have all my textbooks, etc.

I know how to use tools, I have worked many various labor positions. I am very capable of hard work & I am willing, as long as I know my hard work will be respected.

I have held a valid drivers license since I was 16 years old. I’ve also worked truck route jobs driving 5 ton trucks.

I have a criminal record because I was caught selling Marijuana when I was 20, while I was paying for a brand new leased vehicle, amongst other things. Marijuana is now legal in Canada but I still have that on my record, but that's all. Nothing else.

It’s a toxic culture for Blacks. Economic status keeps people in a state of constant betrayal. I’ve experienced it on many levels to the point I can’t trust anyone here, or so it feels but I am wise enough to know it still exists in the world.

I am constantly deceived that these are my people but they are not themselves anymore and I’m not entirely sure they are aware of it. They belong to this world’s culture. I just want to unplug from this way of life. It’s unnatural. It's a far deviation from the life I believe God intended us to live.

My soul burns deeply in solidarity with my ancestors & yearns for a healing that the west will never be able to truly provide. I’ve lived 29 years in Canada with 6 month winters of -30 to -50 degrees celsius weather & I’m tired of it. I can feel it affecting my wellbeing. It’s only summer weather for 3 months here.

All I want is a stable place to start a family & simply live the life I deserve to live, in peace. Not having to worry about systematic disadvantages & people in power with complexes hanging over my head dictating what I do & don’t deserve in this world.

As I said earlier, I enjoy making/playing music, staying fit, I enjoy going for long runs & lifting weights. I have a bulldog which I love very much but I would most likely have to leave her behind, but it's been so bad lately that I have already come to terms with that.

If anyone can help me please contact me or reply to this post.

As of right now, I don’t have a passport or a VISA but knowing what steps I need to take, I could do what I need to do to get what I need.

I’ve never even been outside of Canada, my whole life, to this point.


Thanks for your time.

Topic starter Posted : 24/02/2021 1:30 pm

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