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Abibitumi kasa twi class testimony!!!!!

BlackErrific Kmty Registered

I just completed my first language class here in Abibitumi kasa! It was a blacknificent experience. I enjoyed the pace and flow of the class and all my class members as well. I thank you Obadele Kambon very very very very much for the opportunity to learn an Afrikan language from an Afrikan. I will and do recommend this site to everyone serious about learning an Afrikan language. This step that I have taken with your help has been a long time desire and dream of mine. I thank Onyame for you and your family!!! And I look forward to completing more blacknificent classes with you and other like minded Afrikans. I looooove Abibitumi Kasa and give praises to the Most High! and my Ancestors for guiding me here. Forward ever!!! backward never!!!!

EACH ONE, TEACH ONE!!!! Meda ase papaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

Topic starter Posted : 30/08/2011 2:42 am