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[Sticky] Na nga def ?

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Here's the best Wolof introductory lesson in the world, get it here on aK!
With this first lesson you will learn the alphabet of Wolof, each letter will be presented to you along with the sound that corresponds to it. A word in Wolof along with its english translation will allow you to "see" the sound in action.
Once this first step is made you need a second one if you want to call this walking, that's where the 58 common phrases and expressions come into play. These phrases used in daily life will allow you to greet, ask/answer questions, excuse yourself, say how you feel and more in Wolof! Now you can walk. g" alt="" />

Recording: Introductory Wolof Class 1 Online Jan 14, 2014
Alphabet and Sounds of the Wolof language
58 Common phrases and expressions

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Topic starter Posted : 11/03/2015 6:56 pm