Abibitumi 2023 Conference

2nd Historic Abibitumi Black Power Conference - Vision to Reality

Early bird submission by March 31, 2024

Final Submission - June 30, 2024

Conference Dates - September 6-8, 2024

About the Conference

The 2nd Annual Abibitumi conference on Black Power hereby convened for presentations related to Black Power results and accomplishments and how others can participate and/or replicate those results elsewhere. 

As such, we invite presenters able to provide insight on thought and practice in the following areas included, but not limited to…

  • Educational Power
  • Military Power
  • Institutional Power
  • Financial Power
  • Agricultural Power
  • Technological Power
  • Family/Community/Nation Power
  • Spiritual Power

Conference Venue: Live at xmnw (Abibitumi Headquarters – Ghana) 

Also online via Abibitumi.com

For information contact: [email protected][email protected]

Pictures from the 2023 Conference

Restoring 𓆄 Ma'at.
Making 𓆎𓅓𓏏𓊖 Kmt the Land of Black People Once Again.

In Collaboration With

The presentation should be designed for delegates to follow a clear path on how they can participate or duplicate results.