Who we are:

Abibifahodie Adesuabea is a 2 year old school situated in North Legon, near the historic University of Ghana. We are the first and only Afrikan centered school on the continent with several unique components: an Afrikan Language Immersion Program, a Youthpreneur & Leadership Program & a Sovereignty component.  Our focus is on cultivating our youth into the self-loving, and solution minded adults we need them to be in order to create a liberated Afrika, and therefore, a better world.

Our Successes:

Within 1.5 years our school has saw phenomenal success; we tripled in attendance, gained our own school building in addition to weekly access to the eco park location we had before. We are about to open a school store on site to support our students in their entrepreneurial projects.

Short term Goals:

We are working hard to accomplish the following short term goals within the next 1-2 years: To establish a fully functional facility equipped with a Library, Computer lab, and School transport. To offer tuition reductions or scholarships to students. To have a fully paid and functional staff.

Long term Goals:

Our longer term, 5-10 year goals involve expansion and ownership: to gain ownership of the current location we are renting, expand by operating in multiple locations so that more children can have access to our program,  make the school tuition-free.

Beyond 10 years: Expand from the elementary and high school level towards a university level campus.

Our (Current) Needs:

The development of the school requires a lot of hard work and dedication from the community. We are in need of financial support to keep our school going and growing. Our students, staff, and our facility are in need of support. Among our growing expenses is the implementation of staff salaries. Our current staff have worked voluntarily, without pay or with little compensation, for over a year, out of a love for our children. They need to receive a salary for their time and dedication. Additionally our students’ learning resources are mainly online, however we would like to build a library for our school so that information is always available to them when internet is unavailable.

Your financial support  helps us to; get the supplies we need; support our students in their tuition and meal costs; help pay the staff that are so dedicated and passionate about what we are doing; cover monthly costs to pay for the school grounds and utilities; obtain the transportation needed so that our students can be picked up from school and return home safely, and go on field trips. These are just a few of the things that are needed.

Current Expenses:

Below are some examples of our Monthly expenses. Recurring donations can be made towards some or all of these costs:

1 month of tuition per child (includes lunch)- $260

1 month of tuition costs for entire school – $5,200

1 month salary per staff member- $200

1 month salary for entire staff- $1,200

1 month of School facility costs (Rent, utilities, cleaning supplies, maintenance)- $2000

Total Monthly Costs  of reoccurring expenses (with tuition fees for our students included)- $ 6,460


One time Costs:

Costs to purchase a school vehicle- $8000

Costs to create a school library- $2,400

Cost to provide computers for the school- $6,000


Please click on the link below. Your assistance in any amount would be appreciated!