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World renown Afrikan Chinwiezu for a Promo lecture on the History of Pan-Africanism II


History of Pan-Africanism 101

April 2018
Course Description & Syllabus
This History of Pan-Africanism Course is the first in a multi-sequence course based mostly on the forthcoming 7-volume book Pan-Africanism Revisited: A Neshni-centric and critical History by Chinweizu. The course, like the book, is an Inquiry into why Pan-Africanism failed in the 20th c. and into how to make it succeed in the 21st c. It is an investigative history as well as applied history course. It isn’t just going to tell the story of Pan-Africanism. It will do so in a way that reveals insights and lessons to be applied in solving present problems so as to result in liberation for the Black race.

Course Title: History of Pan-Africanism 101
Course Duration: 8 weeks; 120 mins per class session
Study materials extra: 10 texts @ $5 each= $50; special price for the set: $25 for the course students.
Weekday and Time: Saturdays, 1400-1600 GMT
Promo Lecture: “What Slave Trade—Reply to Skip Gates” by Chinweizu
Date of Promo Lecture: Saturday, March 17th, 2018
Total Course Cost: $99 for the lectures + $25 for course texts= $124
Course Materials-–each by Chinweizu
(10 texts)
1 “Pan-Africanism Revisited—Prologue”
2 “Afrocentric or Maafacentric/Neshnicentric”
3 “Afrocentric Rectification of terms”
4 “Political Biology of Racism”
5 “Self-reparation and the Psychopathologies of the Race War”
6 “African High Command”
7 “Balkanization”
8 “CUGN 1”
9. “Is Continental Union Government necessary for the total liberation of Africa?”
10. “The Essential Garvey”


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