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The purpose of this group is to gain an understanding of the necessary focus reAfrikanization and dewhitenization of the Afrikan=Black world and Afrikan=Black self in all areas of human activity. The action group will seek to educate its individuals, families, communities, and nations worldwide by engaging in functional studies to move toward the end game focus of total Afrikan = Black Liberation from eurasian world terror domination. To achieve this goal, we have drafted a blueprint that will serve as a guide for our action community. This guide will put forth our ideals, convictions, commitments and guidelines of our community.

Areas of focus in summary are:

• Our Convictions • Our Commitments • Our Activities • Our Guiding Principles • Our Foundational Thoughts • Our Behaviors • Our Responsibilities • Our Ultimate Goal(s)/Aim(s)/Objective(s) Methods of Education • Study Group Active Reading Group • Focused Workshops • Community Projects • Workshops conducted by subject matter experts • Field Research Projects

Join us for more information!!! Those joining us online, kindly use the online link to the Abibitumi Mbôngi here: https://zoom.us/j/579161903

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  1. gather 02/11/2019 at 2:23 pm

    Update me on the next similar event.

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