what those who think Afrikan=Black lives actually matter

can learn from the [original] white lives matter movement

Join Abibitumi.com as Okunini Okunini Ọbádélé gives a review of the Original white Lives Matter Movement by exploring documented historical events worldwide that define exactly what the movement is and how it is demonstrated by those in the movement.   Okunini Kambon will also provide examples of how Afrikan=Black people have (or have not) learned the lessons of the white lives matter movement  by exploring historical events in the Afrikan=Black world.

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Sat, Jul 11, 2020 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM (EDT)

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It is time. Amidst all that is happening in the world today Afrikan=Black people across the globe, especially Afrika cannot act nonchalant, unaware, and ignorant. Afrikan=Black people; no one will do it for us. We must do it for ourselves. No one will treat us better until we treat ourselves better. It is time to show those who commit genocide against us that we will deal with them squarely—be it physically or spiritually. They will not stop shooting at us until we shoot back. They will keep poisoning us in the name of vaccines and healthcare until we practice our own indigenous healthcare. They will not stop looting our continent until we kick them out. They will not stop teaching us how to be obedient slaves until we start to educate ourselves.

Thanks to brother George Floyd, our brothers and sisters in the diaspora have risen and are demonstrating in thousands regardless of COVID-19 over his gruesome murder and that of many thousands gone due to incessant lynching of Afrikan=Black people in amerikkka in broad daylight by police officers and private citizens. The question is how long are we going to march?

The problems of Afrikans=Black people anywhere in the world is a problem for Afrikans=Black people everywhere in the world. While Continental Afrikans=Black people are being beaten mercilessly in China and are being stigmatized as being the carriers of COVID-19, anti-Afrikan misleaders were mute. As imAxw Ptahhotep rightfully said ‘He who listens to his belly belongs to the enemy.’ Continental Afrikans=Black people are being slaughtered while having their organs harvested in countries of North Afrika criminally occupied by arab terrorists but we just look on.

Until Afrika becomes a super power that can have Afrikan=Black people’s back throughout the world, this menace may be far from ending.
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— Ayerkie Narnor, Producer (and former student of Okunini Ọbádélé Kambon)

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