In the US our Afrikan-Black community has declared August
“Black August.”

Thereby, we proclaim: Wednesday August 19, 2020 –

Global Ancestral Veneration Day. 

On this day we honor our ancestors throughout the globe and ask them to join with us in our fight against exploitation, oppression, murder and injustice.

At a time and place we, Black people, of Afrikan ancestry ruled our world based on principles of harmony, justice, righteousness and propriety. We have found ourselves over centuries being persecuted, exploited,  murdered, beaten, oppressed, and discriminated against. Far too many have fallen without justice. As Black people we must restore justice to our humanity. We must call our ancestors and invite them to assist us with the challenges we face. We must ask them to open the way to receive those righteous souls who were taken unjustly. Join us in our communities and around the globe as a collective – Wednesday, August 19, 2020 8 AM EDT or 8 AM in your own time zone.
Identify a safe place with social spacing to gather. Construct an altar. Bring copies of pictures, fruit, vegetables, drinks of your choosing. Sing, Dance, Drum, Call out their names.