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We seem to be forgetting to ask the time-honored question of ‘are we sacrificing quality for quantity?’ When in history has everyone been necessary for revolution? How did we get locked in this nonsense, a posture people take toward revolutionary movements when they really do not want to act?” – Tate Mwalimu Baruti


  • As Afrikans, we have a commitment to the survival, advancement, and maximization/fullest manifestation of Afrikan potentiality of the Afrikan world.
  • We are committed to create and maintain the space that will permit us to develop the necessary skills, motivation and drive to create the necessary focus – individual and collective – to re-construct the Afrikan personality and the Afrikan world towards the Afrikan Survival Thrust.
  • Our Commitment is rooted in Maat and, therefore, is focused on raising and sustaining the correct relationship with Nature, with the living Afrikan community; with the Ancestors, and with those yet to be born, who are one and the same
  • .We are committed to improving on the situation we found and preparing those who follow to take the work further to establish, maintain and expand on core elements of Afrikan=Black Liberation.
  • We are committed to studying our intellectual, social, economic, political, spiritual tradition through a dedication to consistently actualize the knowledge in practice.
  • We are committed to locate our being within our tradition and to work to restore Maat by returning everything to its correct place.

Guiding Principles

We must commit to focus always on quality and not on quantity; the truth-value of things must always be prioritized over their external and cosmetic appearances.

The community should focus on adding people to it only on the basis of their qualities to promote Afrikan institutional building and cultural values.

Fruitless and pointless argumentation is discouraged while purposeful and rational conversation with the intention of untying and decoding deeper meaning is not only acceptable but strongly encouraged.


We are Afrikans=Black People and we are a collective people across space, time, energy and matter. We belong to the Afrikan family and we have an eternal and unnegotiable connection to the Afrikan world across space and time.

We have a commitment to ensure that Communiversity stays true to the above-mentioned commitments, convictions, and guiding principles communicated above.  If you are in agreement – join us!

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