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  • “Castanets were introduced into Spain by the moors.” Johnson’s Universal Cyclopaedia, Volume 2 pg 110
    Pg 551-552 The Western Review of Science and Industry, Volume 2
    The castanets that the Moors imported into Spain are of Negro origin; but the Negroes use iron castanets, and it is known that it is them that we owe the transmission of industry in iron.

    The Western Review of Science and Industry, Volume 2

  • Much African blood flows in the veins of Spanish people from Taharka’s Ethiopians, Carthage’s multi- ethnic African army and The Black Moors who ruled for 800 years.
    Yankee travels through the island of Cuba: or, The men and government, the …
    By Demoticus Philalethes, Ignacio Franchi Alfaro pg 319-320
    (The numbers of Africans this Arthur…Read More
    Spaniards generally, indulge in the belief, or at least feign to do so, that creoles are mulattoes, and allege with wonderful assurance, that by mere fact of being born in Spain, every peninsular is a white. In many cases, however, the evidence of the senses is opposed to this assertion, as the complexion of the greatest part of them is nearer that of negroes, than white people; and there are besides, well-grounded reasons for believing that much African blood flows in their veins, though there are many families that are evidently white, as is also the case in Cuba. One of the armies that invaded Spain in the eighth century was formed of four thousand Negroes from Ethiopia, who never were known to have left the country. What must now be the number of the descendants of those Negroes, after eleven centuries? In fact, by their features and by the quality of their hair, the origin of many Spaniards can be confidently traced to the African race. Nevertheless, in some provinces of the peninsula, they style themselves not only pure whites, but noblemen also; and it is very difficult to meet with a Spaniard who considers himself a commoner (plebeyo).

    Ignacio Franchi Alfaro

  • All Spanish dances are from the African Chica
    The code of Terpsichore. The art of dancing, tr. By R. Barton By Carlo Blasis 1830 pg 16
    Almost every Spanish dance, such as bolero, the cachucha, the seguidillas, of Moorish origin, are imitations of the African fandango or Chica

    Carlo Blasis

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