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  • Goddess Oracle posted in the group Pre-Colonial African studies or Africology

    2 months ago · updated 1 month, 3 weeks ago
    \”Ori\” refers to the physical head among the Yoruba of Nigeria; it is the symbol of Olodumare, the creator, and of the essential personality, the soul of each individual. Ori is that spiritual essence that wields the greatest influence on a person\’s life from birth to the grave. For the Yoruba, this means that ones life is predetermined by the type of Ori chosen or the one affixed by Olodumare.The essential part of this principle is that events happening in the individuals life are not due to chance, but to the type of Ori that the individual chooses in Heaven before entry on Earth. Ori is the spiritual \”head\” that a person chooses from Orun (Heaven) after being moulded by Ajala. The choice is made in any of the following ways:Akunleyan – that which is received kneeling; Ayanmo – that which is affixed; Adamo – that which is affixed at creation; or Akomo – that which is written and sealed. After the choice has been made, the portion is doubly sealed, first by Olodumare through conferment and then by Onibode, the keeper of the gate between Heaven and Earth. This choice is unalterable once it is made and is sealed by Olodumare and the Onibode.After acquiring an Ori, the individual begins the journey to Earth. On arrival on Earth, those who have chosen good Ori will quickly prosper, whereas those who have chosen bad Ori will be condemned to failure. However the Yoruba believe in having good character (iwa rere) for a good Ori to come to fruition. Most events in an individuals life for instance, if a person dies prematurely or becomes rich or possesses a special skill – all are traced by the Yoruba to the persons Ori.The belief of the Yoruba in Ori as the symbol of predestination is manifested in their sayings; for example:Eni t\’o gbon Ori e lo ni o gbonEniyan ti o gbonOrii re lo ni o go j\’usu loHe who is wiseIs made by his OriHe who is not wiseIt is his Ori that decrees that he should be stupid.Without Ori, human experiences and our understanding of them and of the continuous interplay of experience and understanding is not complete. But it should be noted that Ori is not Ayanmo; Ori is believed to represent the structure of destiny. The content of Ori is Ayanmo; it is Ayanmo that is revealed in destiny and Ori is of the human creator.As the Yoruba say, \”Ori l\’o ni se, eda la\’ ayanmo\”: Ori is the creator, the human being is its fulfillment. Ori is a fundamental concept of the Yoruba thought, it provides the Yoruba a means of resolving some of the significant puzzles of the human condition for which there are no explanations.
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September 13, 2019
One of our best, most solid, and dedicated members. Abibitumi wouldn't be the same without her!!!
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August 3, 2019
@goddessoracle contributions to this site have been Blacktastic! I feel inspired and enriched after reading them. Thank you so much for being here sharing your wisdom.

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