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  • Goddess Oracle posted in the group IAFRIKAN

    3 weeks ago · updated 2 weeks, 6 days ago
    Collectively within ancient Afrikan history, a teacher was never a person of one wisdom or one knowledge. They are a teacher precisely because of their abilty to be a spiritual master, an artist, an architect, a thinker and a good practitioner all at the same time. The wise person is considered a whole person because of his or her holistic knowledge and holistic approach to knowledge. The ontological and cosomological dimensions of Afrikan knowledge imply that knowledge is not a mere language game or a pure dialectical entertainment… it is active…..and is action.

    This is because knowledge has an impact on the knower and on reality around the knower, all knowledge is potentially dangerous and needs to be handled with extreme care and precaution. The pursuit of knowledge is inseparable from the pursuit of wisdom, for in the Afrikan understanding of things, a genuine knowledge necessarily involves wisdom. Throughout history, for Afrikans the focus is not on knowledge for knowledge’s sake but knowledge for the purpose of humanity.

    This was to enhance human flourishing and preserve and promote all other forms of life in the universe, this is why initiation is very important as it is critical to train human character so that people can handle knowledge for the benefit of humankind. In regards to Afrikan worldview, knowledge is not just a mere right, it comes with complete responsibility. Because the one who knows more has more responsibilty to care for others and also for the world….it is the path through the lens of Afrikan worldview to becoming fully human and humane.

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September 13, 2019
One of our best, most solid, and dedicated members. Abibitumi wouldn't be the same without her!!!
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August 3, 2019
@goddessoracle contributions to this site have been Blacktastic! I feel inspired and enriched after reading them. Thank you so much for being here sharing your wisdom.

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