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  • intwinaka posted in the group Afrikan Warrior Tradition

    2 weeks, 3 days ago · updated 1 week, 5 days ago
    So I was just in a situation last night where I was staying at place where there was a heated debate going on. it was after 1am in the morning. his wife, asked us to keep it down a bit because we got noisy, as i said, heated debate.

    About 10 minutes later a knock on the door…it was the person below the apartment that came up to tell us that were being too loud cause they could hear us through the windows. this is where it gets interesting. the guy that came up said, \”i dont know where you people come from but here we dont make noise after 1am in the morning\” the man of the house apologized and then told him to go on back to his place, then they guy said, \”dont make me f****** come back up here again\” in which the man of the house said, you want to take this outside now, cause this is about to get ugly…the guy backed down though the man\’s wife was saying to her husband in front of this guy, you\’re being too mean, stop it..etc. He told her to go back inside in which she did…the guy then left after I told him to turn and leave now. After the door shut the wife wanted her husband to go and apologize to the guy after, in which he said, no not gonna happen, not after he said \”dont make me f******* come back up here\”

    Now, I had to write this out to make a point, while you are discussing security issues with your lady, make sure she understands that when you step in she either steps down and you take care of the situation or has your back 100% during said situation, where you show solidarity. (preferably she has your back) if she does not agree with your methods then she can voice this after the situation is over behind closed doors. what you do not want is you trying to resolve an issue and she at the same time telling you what to and what not to do. This does not show solidairty.

    • An educational story and sound teaching. The scourge of feminism has caused females to have dangerous hallucinaitons of being fit protectors. Feminisms also help create effiminite black males into thinking a women is designed to lead, particullary in a hostile situations. The guy did right with his response (given the information) but (his) women should respect the biology of males is much more capable of correctly responding to stressful situations when compared to theres.

      While innocent at first this kind of response from women in this situation ultimetley leads to genocide.

      • @sankofamaat
        How does that situation lead to genocide?
        Woman can protect, and they can be very dangerous particularly when their own children are involved.
        Even in hostile situations they turn off and are ruthless, such as: a man will confront you and strike you down if needed, however a woman can just as well poison your drink or your food and watch you drink/eat while she smiles and talks with you till the poison takes effect.

        Now, in the above situation where I spoke about two persons, in that specific case, someone must defer to the other.
        there must be a clear line who is taking charge at that moment and both persons must have already discussed that, so when things happen they already know what to do.

        • from @sankofamaat
          “I agree black woman can protect, but I believe they are far less biologically/psychologically equipped to protect the family, village, nation, race than balck men. In short that’s not their role. The female in this situation obviously didn’t understand how to protect her home, if you get a “bitch test” you pass or else…

          Somewhere in this females life (there are many like her not to pick) she was effectively mis-educated that she is as equally equpied to protect as men are..this is an hallucination. While in this situation it’s not THAT serious the thought that caused her response is dangerous enough to complete genocide. For example homophila, probaby the greatest threat against the extinction of the back race faced today, is enabled by millions of black women being miseducated into believing they are as fit to protect their children as black men are.
          For example:
          While for briviety I’ll be a bit anectodal (can provide sources if asked) an upwards of 70% of black children are raised by single mothers in the U.S. As a consequence many black fathers are not close enough to their chldren to exercise their naturally protective instincts. The result, epidemeic levels of homophilia that is becoming so severe it’s starting to spread to the Afrikan/world. Obviusly black women in mass (U.S. specifically but it’s spreading) must believe they are just as equiped to protect their children as men are..a most dangerous hallucination.”

          • @sankofamaat
            in this case, one has to define what is protection.
            the above situation that i spoke about was in relation to things going physical.
            Let us imagine a woman is equipped with a weapon, and does not hestitate to use it.
            According your thought process, does this mean you might overlook her? quoting you–
            “I agree black woman can protect, but I believe they are far less biologically/psychologically equipped to protect the family, village, nation, race than balck men.”
            One could say that because she is less biologically/psychologically equipped that she can close distance on you, or feign weakness long enough to plant a knife in you. Deception and surprise attacks, is this not methods used? How often have women been sent behind lines to mingle with the enemy just enough to posion their minds and turn them against each other. How often have they managed to turn brother against brother because they wanted to “possess” her? The point I want to make is that they can achieve results through different methods.

            a few notable Afrikan women that have gone on to lead in battle
            Queen Mother Yaa Asantewaa (c. 1840–October 17, 1921)
            Ahosi or Mino (Dahomey Amazons)
            Queen Nanny or Nanny (c. 1685 – c. 1755)
            Harriet Tubman (born Araminta Harriet Ross; 1820 – March 10, 1913) —she led an armed expedition in the civil war
            Assata Olugbala Shakur (born July 16, 1947)
            Amanirenas (died c. 10 B.C.)
            Carlota Lukumí (died 1844)
            Queen Nzinga Mbande (c. 1583 – December 17, 1663)
            Nyabingi Priestesses Muhumusa (died 1945) and Kaigirwa (unknown)
            Tarenorerer (c.1800-1831) of the Tommeginne people

            • @Intwinaka I pour libations to many of the ancestors you mentioned everyday. They were exceptional warriors and I don\’t want to subtract from their greatness at all. Though for every great female warrior you had millions more black men who have fought over eons. I would argur even when a women fights/protects that is her masculine side. I don\’t overlook a womens ability to use a weapon, with many females I keep all 3 eyes wide open believe me haha. The points I\’m making are a bit outside the original post but why not paint a bigger picture…to answer the second point

              Working definition of protection- The affinity to which an organism is capable of securing a boarder from opposing forces of said organisms spiritual, mental, and physical culture.

              Nature guides us as to why masculine energy is more adept to protecting than feminine. The Afrikan mans sperm carries with it culture in the form of DNA. The sperm that ultimetly fertalizes our mothers egg had to travel a long distance through the vagina,cervix, and uteras. While protecting it\’s culture (DNA) the sperm had to compete with millions of other sperm, bacteria, and the womens own immune system from distruction. The egg does not have to and is not designed to meet any of these challenges. As within so without…

              Now once pregnant how is a women supose to protect herself? Once the children are born how is she suppose to nurture and protect them at the same time? OK, but what if she\’s not pregnant.. impossible. Is a women not always pregnant spiritually and mentally..should it not be considered that a man should protect a womens spirit and mind from opposing cultures (faggotry Jesus Allah).?

    • I agree with the whole message!

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