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  • KesiMaat

    1 week, 5 days ago · updated 1 week, 4 days ago
    Happy to be here ❤ ✊🏽
    • Welcome. Love your hair.

    • Greetings Sis! Welcome home. It will take time to get used to everything. If you need help let us know. Could you introduce yourself a little, how you found Abibitumi…

      • Akwaaba! Welcome to the site/app!

      • Asante, my apologies… Peace and Greetings Family and I do feel home, already. Which is quite amazing and much like some collard greens and cornbread for my soul!!! I appreciate the spirit, energy, and effort of which Abibitumi was manifested.

        My name is Kesi Ma’at Tehuti – a name given to me during my Ascension in the Queen Afua Sacred Woman Program. My guberment name is Kiya Green and my travels to Ghana last summer revealed that I’m a YAA!!! WHOOP! WHOOP! Yaa is in the house!!! 💁🏽

        I’m a homeschooling mom in Trenton NJ. You can find a bit more about my journey here at I’m currently reading “The Developmental Psychology of the Black Child” by Amos Wilson of whom I can never quite get enough. I noticed Abibitumi’s current book club title and I plan on joining the session tonight but am without the book right now. I’m looking forward to participating in Baba Baruti’s upcoming class “To Educate a People” with Fawohodie Sua. I’m working on African-centered materials for my children and other parents/teachers interested in more resources from our point of view, experience, culture, and community goals for our children. At the same time, I am also designing a curriculum which explicitly works to build self-reliant, self-directing, and critical thinking in children to become the challenge solvers in their own communities.

        I believe I found Abibitumi through an online article I came across googling African-centered institutions or websites or the like. I’m not certain but I took time over the next couple of days after finding the site to reach out to every institution/organization on the list. There were some people that I had already had relations with but then there were others that I had never so I either signed up for, ordered something from, bookmarked, etc everyone on the list. And, here I am!

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