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  • Ọbádélé Kambon, PhD posted in the group Afrikan Business and Economics

    9 months, 3 weeks ago · updated 1 month ago
    Out of 8,457 members at Abibitumi, we have grand total of 87 financial contributors who have made 218 combined individual donations. That’s like 1% of our membership who actually contribute financially. Does this surprise anyone?
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    • This is something I was reviewing yesterday. Was trying to figure out the numbers as well.

    • I am keen to financially contribute on what i can – is there anywhere i can learn more of the goals & objectives of the financial contributions, if possible how will i eveluate the impact of my contribution. Willing to do what i can for Afrikan liberation

      • Right now, everything is about building infrastructure and capacity building. We recently hired a freelancer out of Kenya to assist with SEO, site speed/optimization, app development, kwk, and we are looking for others who can also work for Abibitumi in similar veins. Any and all improvements you see on the site and app are the direct and tangible result of support. If and when we don’t get support, I come out of pocket; but either way, Abibitumi must survive, grow, and thrive. Beyond this, we have organizational goals, which have been the point of the Sunday meetings. Sîmba Sîmbi: Hold up that which holds you up. Recently, we had a member who demanded that an issue be FIXED, just FIXED, who hasn’t contributed anything whatsoever to the site. We put a lot of time and energy into providing this space, so in the spirit of reciprocity, it would be Blackpowerful if more people joined that 1% and, who knows, maybe in the future we’ll be able to reach 2% of our membership actually supporting OUR SPACE rather than the spaces of our collective enemies.

        • Yes, Doc I am surprised by this. I would like to purpose a challenge to the 99%. As of today, my new year’s resolution is to sign up for $25 per month reoccurring payments to via PayPay. Does anyone in the 99% want to match my challenge? Perhaps best my challenge?

    • @nkululeko, I saw your contribution and we thank you for it. Sîmba Sîmbi!

    • @nkululeko, and thank you for your support. I was just saying that I need a lot less “fans” and a lot more actual supporters. @chiefajamat, that’s the ratio we’re working with.

    • Other ways to support if not by donating if that is not your thing

      1. Purchase the exclusive products in our shop for yourself, family, friends, etc.
      2. Take an Afrikan language class…invite a group
      3. Attend our live discussions when we have invited scholars to the platform
      4. Provide your skill to support the site – marketing and promotions, sales, developer, writer?
      5. Engage in the site – interact with each other. We want to have members locally form ambassador groups to promote
      6. Invite others – Afrikan = Black People

      Any other suggestions?

    • When I do marketing I always have a call to action. People have to be told specially “hey buy something” or “hey donate here.” I very new to this site so I’m not sure how contributions are asked for so don’t beat me up too much. I would put a call to action somewhere when the site opens or in the newsfeeds as often as needed.

    • @mrho, we may pin this post. From a marketing perspective, do you not think that a popunder asking for contributions wouldn’t be a bit too intrusive?

    • No I don’t. You market to bring awareness to a cause and the call to action points them to what you want. You do it in hopes of reaching people not the entire community but a larger number than those currently part taking. You have to do it for a set period of time until it become well known. Like the squeaky wheel the 1st time the owner hears the wheel he becomes aware of the problem but might forget. The 2nd and 3rd time he hears it he go dang I forgot to fix that ok I’ll do it but something might come up and he forgets again. The 4th time he goes alright I remember now let me go get some grease and fix this.
      The rule is 7 times. It might take up to 7 times for a person to act on your call to action. So it’s not an overnight thing.
      This post you made was a call to action because I went to the shop and made a purchase right after. Awareness is key.

    • Of the 8,400 + members how many are actively visiting the site every day?

      • Of the 220 donors how many are active and have purchased lessons, lectures, or other materials from Abibitumi?

      • We have around 200 visitors per day, down from our average traffic of 2,000 per day on the old software we were using on the old forums. The reason for the drop is being dropped from rankings during the software switch and SEO issues being re-indexed. We don’t have 220 donors, we have 220 donations. I wouldn’t go back though, as the old software was a dead-end in terms of software development trajectory. This new software framework has plenty of room for growth into the foreseeable future. The challenge now is getting back foot traffic. At the same time, despite the smaller traffic, we’ve gotten more contributions over the last year than over I don’t even know how many years on the old software. Part of that is the donation box being prominently placed here on the newsfeed. Also, point of clarity, we have 88 donors as of now (meda wo ase @chiefajamat). Because there are different systems being used, there aren’t statistics that can be generated automatically to show activity. I would need to generate reports and cross-reference. Anecdotally, I’d say a good 50% are active in other ways on the site.

        • Of the 87 donors how many have purchased a product from Abibitumi? I would bet there is a pattern/commonality with donors. Perhaps the donors have taken language lessons and now feel more connected hence their donation, or maybe it takes on average two years of engagement on Abibitumi before a person gives. Getting to the root of why folks are donating will then inform us of a strategy to market and get donations.

        • It’s a situation we all find ourselves in when trying to help our people, Those who understand will invest, those who are brainwashed will try to tear it down simply because their master says so. The same people are quick to say “You must make a lot of money” with no thought of how you attend to your financial responsibilities.

    • We would need to pull the google analytics

    • I’m not surprised.

    • Dabi, ɛwose me na meda wo ase. Yɛhia bebia wo ayɛ ama yɛn. Kɔ so na woreyɛ adepa @obadelekambon

      I’m sorry. I have to call BS here. Nana Kwame wasn’t I just talking about how people put up barriers and non-substantive questions as a way to avoid taking action? I’m seeing questions and answers about how nickles and dimes are spent. Isn’t there a psychological term for this? Yeah, I think it’s called ‘deflection’

      The site, what it’s all about, and what you stand for are all over the internet. In my opinion, anyone who is truly for Black liberation can see everything they need to see very clearly on this site to make a decision. And those who are truly for black liberation readily finance it with our dollars.

      in my opinion, every dime I’ve donated allows you to do what you need to do. I see very few entities that take low dollar donations and need to justify where the allocations are going. If persons are talking about donating thousands or hundreds of thousands, then yes let’s conduct a meeting and roll out the financial statements. But to get somebody to donate a couple hundred bucks or less, detailed outlines of where the money goes doesn’t seem like a great use of your time. Given your status as a king of the Rear Guard in Ghana, professor at the University of Ghana, lecturer on the international news circuit, co-founder of the Black liberation school etc etc I think there are far better things you can do with your time rather than convince folks who are for Black liberation in ideology and not practice. Those who understand how much work and money it takes to finance social change and architecting an endeavor like this will contribute understanding they are supporting the big picture.

    • Am gonna start this month end with montly budget, is shameful we cant contribute to start something for our community.

    • We appreciate all those who have started contributing in the basis of this post as well as those who have already been contributing. When we get up to 2%, we will really be doing something. Little by little, we’ll get there!

    • Appreciate this platform. I’m currently in the United Snakes of stolen land. I made a contribution & again appreciate the content of this platform

    • @all, we are looking to hire a technical person to be on retainer so that Agya @kevlew and I can focus more on overall directional and programmatic work while leaving the busywork to someone dedicated for this purpose. We have a sista in Kenya, @Damaris Kerubo, who is working on Android app development for our family of sites. This will be someone focused primarily on Abibitumi who will deal with site maintenance and development. Agya @kevlew found a site called Incluzion where we’ve identified and Afrikan=Black freelancer named DeAndre to do this for us. We’re looking in a sustainable range of like $250/month max, which should be covered by recurring donations. Keeping you in the know as we grow!

    • I think it’s a better way to get members and non members to contribute.


    • I’m on the monthly donor plan. I honestly think everyone can afford $5/month. We can’t have a Black platform without currency to run and maintain it. I understand. Take that tithe money and put it to good use.

    • Once i get my financial situation in order i will donate. As the old saying goes “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”

    • We just hit the $15k mark. Look out for new apps on the way soon. Kindly check out our new repatriate to Ghana iOS app out now. More iOS apps on the way soon!
      We thank all members who have contributed, no matter the amount, big or small. We exist because of you!!!

    • I will try to contribute monthly. I started in September.

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A gift from the Ancestors ...Abibifahodie
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May 14, 2019
A great guide for Afrikans across the diaspora AND the continent. A true educator and revolutionary, bringing Pan-Africanism to the "digital age".
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I love his Vision, Scholarship, Leadership, and Love for our people! Dwau for all you do and creating this platform!
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