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  • Yehudiyah.Yisrael

    2 weeks, 3 days ago · updated 2 weeks, 2 days ago
    My Upcoming Thesis:
    De-colonizing and de-centralizing fashion:
    Reconstructing Indigenous Ontologies, Epistemology and
    Axiology in relation to long-established practises of the culture

    Relationality and Eco-sophy

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    • Would creating uncolonized fashion be a viable option to achieve the desired result? For this would presuppose that there are uncolonized institutions that are creating uncolonized Afrikans to realize that goal. I am really interested in your thesis….and wish you success.

      • Yes, I agree, we have to develop more curriculum’s and institutions where at the centre is indigenous practices. In order to achieve this we have to decolonize, black academia has to decolonise and develop new theories and approaches that will assist us in our strategies to recreate and reconnect with our being and self, simoultanously community building through all aspects of life: our dress, design, thinking etc. Textile and Dress (cultural dress) is 1 element of the whole.

    • Are you located on the continent?

About me

Yehudiyah Yisrael

Design Researcher

I research the areas between indigenous communities in their natural environment and diasporic spaces, and how these separate spaces interact and converge. I explore these spaces through traditional hand craftsmanships such as weaving looms, embroidery, yarn making and dying, knitting etc. These practices have had profound impact on communities and their cultures in the past and present. Incorporated in my practise is the use of diverse media to provoke questions, through the creation of new artefacts that will engender presuppositions. I take a critical approach in my work employing critical design concepts, adopting speculative design proposals Interested in: Decolonizing Theories, Indigenous research methodologies, Decentralisation of Fashion, The culture dress, Indigenous Post-humanism, Indigenous speculative futures in design.

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