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Dr. Kwaw “Andreas Woods” Imana – valedictorian at Morehouse back in 2000 – beautifully articulating his reasons for rejecting the Rhodes Scholarship. He rejected Cecil Rhodes, the shame of the Rhodes Scholarship and he also rejected the Rhodes Scholarship for himself as the historical record attests (and which is known to me as I know him personally). He got a 4.0 majoring in mathematics and went on to become the first Black man in the history of the US to get a PhD in Egyptology focusing on a Demotic text. He now teaches Mdw Ntr (Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs), among other subjects, at Howard University.

He spoke right before Nima Warfield — Morehouse College’s first Rhodes Scholar who received the Rhodes Scholarship previously in 1994 — who had come to the 2000 graduation to deliver a speech. Imana’s speech caused Warfield to have to ditch his prepared speech altogether out of embarrassment.