Abibitumi ho Nkɔmmɔbɔ! Conversations about Black Power!



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ABSTRACT: In this presentation, I give a thorough evidence-based understanding of who is and is not an Afrikan looking at a wide variety of sources including genotype, phenotype, identity, allegiance, conceptual, linguistic, kwk. This evidence goes into the origin of our conceptualization of ourselves as Black people dating back over 4,300 years ago including visual and historical evidence. Further, I go into the repercussions of what happens when the term Afrikan is manipulated to mean anyone who happens to be on the Afrikan continent rather than whoever is Black, regardless of location. Some of these repercussions include the disintegration of the Afrikan=Black whole in favor of integrating with arabs in the occupied territory of North Afrika, who still enslave the indigenous Afrikan=Black indigenes in the millions. In conclusion, I show the contemporary need for Afrikan=Black people to align with ourselves, regardless of location, for self-preservation, to the exclusion of our pale white eurasian enemies of the last several thousand years.


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