Keeping the Language Alive: Online Beginner Medu Neter Course

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Keeping the Language Alive: Online Beginner Medu Neter Course
When: Beginning Tuesday, February March 20, 2018
Where: Abibitumi Kasa Online Mdw Ntr Classroom
Time: Tuesday 8:00-9:30pm (EST)
Instructor: A. Bonotchi Montgomery

Join Here: Bonotchi Medew Netcher Class

Our ancestors left us a huge collection of primary data, expressing their worldview as ideas and concepts, in the ancient Medu Netcher language. Learning how to translate/read this ancient language is the only way to access this primary data by way of the coherent voice of the ancient Kemetic people. Learning to read and speak this ancient language is difficult, our Medu Netcher course is designed to take anyone from novice to master. Our courses are based on years of teaching this language and culture online, by instructor Akinjide Bonotchi Montgomery. Bro. Bonotchi has been one of most consistent online instructors of the Medu Netcher language. He has developed methodologies of teaching this difficult language that anyone can use to become a skilled translator and interpreter of the Medu Netcher language. The goal of our classes is to enable students to become skilled translators of the ancient Medu Netcher text. This will enable students to access this ancient African cultural information on a first hand basis.
Our introduction classes are detailed and a necessity for anyone who wants to take more advanced classes, with us or anyone else, even at a university. The first 13 weeks deals with learning the basic characteristics of the symbols and the peculiar attributes of the language. Because the Medu Netcher language is a picture as oppose to a letter based language it has attributes that languages based on letters do not. Learning those attributes is the reason the first class is 13 weeks long. The second 10 weeks involves putting to use those rules, ideas, and concepts of Kemetic language and culture learned in the first class. In this class students will began to learn the language and how to extract Kemetic cultural information by translating original text, the voice of the people.
We will offer advanced classes for those who are ready.
Intro Class: Part 1
Cost: $350
Length of Course: 13 weeks
Pt. 1. Learning to Speak and Translate.
Speak: Common words and greetings.
Translate: Basic grammar rules.

What: You are invited to join this 13 week course of Medu Netcher.
When: Next Class session starts the week of Tuesday 20 March 2018

Tuesday 8:00-9:30pm (EST) Eastern


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