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Take advantage of your best opportunity to learn and master conversational Akan (Twi) at your own pace!
Download the course materials and audio for this 8 part series in introductory Twi and be conversational in just 8 lessons! See more information below and purchase today!:

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Full 8 class set of Intensive Intro Conversational Twi on a Learn-at-Your-Own-Pace format featuring 8 PDF documents with embedded mp3 audio and exercises on topics such as name, what you do, what you like, where you’re from, where you live, greetings, age, descriptions, exams, pronunciation, new vocab, common expression and more!

Requires free Adobe Reader 9 or later available for free from: http://get.adobe.com/reader/

To check out a sample page from the lesson, visit: http://www.abibitumikasa.com/sampletwi.pdf

Classes are structured as follows:



Mfitiaseɛ Nkɔmmɔdie Akan (Twi) Adesua Nhyehyɛɛ


Introductory Conversational Akan (Twi) Course Syllabus


Adesuadeɛ a ɛdi kan: Twi Kasa nnyegyeɛ (Sounds of the Twi language), Nsɛmfua afoforɔ (new words)

Adesuadeɛ a ɛtɔ so mmienu: Apɔmuden ho nkyea (asking after one’s health); Mmerɛ ahodoɔ nkyea (greetings for various times)

Adesuadeɛ a ɛtɔ so mmiɛnsa: Wo din (Your name)

Adesuadeɛ a ɛtɔ so nnan: Baabi a wofiri (Where you’re from); Baabi a wote (Where you live)

Adesuadeɛ a ɛtɔ so nnum: Deɛ wopɛ (That which you like)

Adesuadeɛ a ɛtɔ so nsia: Deɛ woyɛ (That which you do)

Adesuadeɛ a ɛtɔ so nson: Mfeɛ a woadi (The years that you have lived (age)); Wo ho asɛm (Description); Sɛnea wo nipadua teɛ (How your body is)

Adesuadeɛ a ɛtɔ so nwɔtwe: Twi Nsɔhwɛ (Twi exam); Awieeɛ adwuma (Work on final projects)


Take advantage of your best opportunity to learn and master conversational Akan (Twi) at your own pace available in the Afrikan world!


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