ReAfrikanization and Dewhitenization for Total Afrikan Liberation: Towards a Methodology for Self-Transformation

November Edition of our monthly meetings
(Last Sunday of each month)
“Ministry of the Future”

Date: Sunday 29th November, 2015
Venue: Institute of African Studies IAS, Senior Common Room, University of Ghana, Legon UG. To stream live via Skype search and add skype user: obadele.kambon
Time: 2:00PM GMT Sharp
Hope to see you there, Come with friends and family.
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Resource Person: Dr. ̣Ọbádélé Kambon OK

Dr. Obadele Kambon
Abstract: ReAfrikanization and dewhitenization are complementary aspects of an Afrikan whole that, when applied appropriately, may serve as integral steps in the process towards total Afrikan Liberation from under the global static/dynamic interlocking system of white world terror domination. ReAfrikanization and dewhitenization pertain to thought, word and action. As such, ReAfrikanization and dewhitenization challenge the practice of waiting for abstract saviours in the form of the government, the “people” or imaginary eurasian religious figures to free us while doing comparatively little to free ourselves. Indeed, we cannot expect for any of the above to do anything for us that we are not willing to do ourselves on a personal level. Thoughts, words and deeds pertaining to ReAfrikanization and dewhitenization that originate from Afrikan people and are also beneficial to Afrikan people can be implemented by each of us in every area of human activity on a daily basis. ReAfrikanization and dewhitenization can also serve as a means of lessening contradictions and getting our different “selves” together and in order (economic self, psychological self, physical self, political self, educational self, etc.). As such, in this presentation, we will present organizing principles and evaluative criteria that can be implemented efficiently, effectively and immediately in the life of each individual for reAfrikanizing and dewhitenizing. This methodology will “put the ball in our court” with regard to freeing ourselves to increasingly greater degrees in each area of thought, word and deed. Further, this methodology contributes to moving the discussion of Total Afrikan Liberation from the realm of a theoretical future destination to that of a constant daily journey of improving the Afrikan self, the Afrikan family, the Afrikan nation and the Afrikan race.