Abibitumi Kasa Family Sharing Session: The Sankofa Journey 2008

Mekyea mo nyinaa! I greet you all!

The first weekly Abibitumi Kasa Family Sharing session’s topic will officially be next Saturday at 6:00PM Eastern Standard Time!

Come join us as the participants share their reflections, pictures and videos with Abibiwiase, the Global Afrikan community, live online via our state of the art video and audio conferencing software.

Who: The participants of the 2008 Sankofa journey and you!

What: A session for sharing experiences, emotions, pictures, videos and more.

When: Saturday, August 9, 2008, 6:00PM Eastern Standard Time

Where: Abibitumi Kasa’s Member Classroom at http://www.abibitumikasa.com/forums/chat/flashchat.php (remember, you must first sign up for a free account here: http://www.abibitumikasa.com/forums/register.php or if you already have one you must login here: http://www.abibitumikasa.com/forums/login.php to access the member classroom at http://www.abibitumikasa.com/forums/chat/flashchat.php )

Why: For Afrikans throughout the world to experience Afrika through the eyes of the Sankofa Journey participants…it’s the next best thing to going yourself…and perhaps even better!

How: Via our state of the art conferencing software. To set up your audio (if you would like to speak) and video (if you have a webcam and would like to be seen) click here: http://www.abibitumikasa.com/forums/…deo-class.html

I look forward to seeing you there! If you have any questions or concerns prior to this first family session, please email us at [email protected]