Sankɔfa Journey 2022

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We invite the past and new participants to (re-)join us for the Sankofa Journey 2022. 

This Journey will prove to be life changing. Many changes are occurring in the Universe.

This journey will prove to surround you as the Universe prepares to return to Ma’at.
Sankɔfa Journey 2022 to Ghana, West Afrika

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Beyond a Tour to Ghana – Come Free Your African Spirit

We believe that discovering who we are as descendants of great Africans is what leads us to our purpose. Through our purpose we can change our collective destiny for the better. The Sankofa Journey is beyond a vacation package, it’s the BlackNificent tour to Ghana experience you’ve been waiting for.

The Sankofa Journey is a Black travel experience to help you discover yourself, your purpose, and change our world.

Through an intercontinental concerted effort the Kambons coordinate with traditional leaders, community activists, special advocates , local citizens, vendors, business people, local restaurant owners and off-the-beaten-path locale operators to bring you the Sankofa Journey.