Beginner's Wolof Language Class



Macodou Fall is an experienced Wolof Instructor from Senegal who has taught all levels of Wolof language classes. He is currently teaching Wolof at the Center for African Studies of the University of Florida. Previously, Macodou taught Wolof for the Ohio University African Studies’ program, where he also earned his M.A in African Studies in 2017. Macodou is a passionate teacher, motivated, and a strategic collaborator who boasts multicultural experience in West Africa and North America.

When:  Mondays and Wednesdays starting  May 10, 2021 – 1:00PM EST/5:00PM GMT

Duration: 5 weeks

Course Description 

This course, designed to beginners, aims at providing the linguistic and communicational skills needed in most dialogs. The class offers a variety of competences related to reading, writing, listening as well as speaking. This course will integrate activities that are embedded in both traditional and modern Senegambian society, which include all aspects emphasizing the 5 Cs (Communication, Cultures, Communities, Connections, and Comparisons). Students will have access to authentic material that will be part of the lessons within each unit. This will assist learners in their understanding of the everyday usage of the language as well as help them manage their exposure to authentic Wolof material.

Course Objectives: At the end of the course, a student should:

a) Be able to read and write Wolof

b) Be able to understand the basic ways to communicate in Wolof

c) Be able to acquire basic speaking and listening skills

d) Be exposed to Senegambian rich and diverse culture

e) Acquire necessary communication skills that can allow them to be engaged in dialogues.



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