KiSwahili Basic Conversational Online Course 4 Week - Taught by Mwalimu Jefwa Mweri



Kiswahili Basic Conversational Skills

Tentative Start Date: TBD

Time: 4PM-6PM EST

Days: Mondays & Wednesdays

Instructor: Dr. Jefwa Mweri – [email protected]

Course Description

This course aims at helping learners to achieve an overall language proficiency in KiSwahli.  This includes basic communication skills for a beginner to be able to interact and communicate with users of the language.

The course is intended to accomplish its objective in a duration of 4 weeks.  By the end of the 4 weeks the course will have developed students’ language skills

  • Read and understands to a paragraph
  • Engage in simple oral communications in order to provide and obtain essential information, using appropriate pronunciation
  • Write basic, simple sentences leading to a paragraph
  • Demonstrate limited control of essential grammatical sttand basic expressions and short simple texts



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