Beginner’s Akan Twi Class – Agya Godfred Opoku




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Godfred Opoku, a native of Ghana, became a professional teacher in 1999. Since then he has taught for almost 11 years at the basic level of education in Ghana before leaving for Europe in 2010. Being a teacher and native Twi speaker, Agya Godfred brings a unique teaching experience to


Class time and date: May 1st  Sat and Sun  3:00PM  EST 8 classes (4 weekends)

Why Learn Twi?

1. Learning Twi will facilitate smooth communication between you and Ghanaians and Africans as a whole

2. Besides, it will remove all sorts of communication barriers to make your life more enjoyable in Africa.

3. Not all, it will promote social and cultural cohesion

4. It can also facilitate smooth integration of brothers and sisters in the diaspora


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