Beginner's (Akan) Twi Class - Taught by Yaw Asare

  • GHS: 2,075.15₵


Join the Beginner’s (Akan) Twi class and reclaim your ancient ancestral stolen legacy today!




Instructor: Yaw Asare

When: March 13th

Time: 7pm GMT (2pm EST)





Yaw Mankatah Asare was born and bred in what is now known as Ghana with Twi as his first language. With an insatiable passion to learn through travel Yaw has sojourned all over West Afrika and some parts of North America. He has worked in the international travel scene for 3 years and has led and trained troops of backpackers in West Afrika before venturing to start AbibiKwantuo (a Black travel Organisation) with a few friends.

He holds an M. Phil Afrikan Studies from the Institute of Afrikan Studies, University of Ghana, Legon and currently works at the Diaspora Affairs Office, Office of the President, Ghana.

Why Study Twi?

1) Twi is the most spoken language in all of Ghana
2) Twi is a window into the Deep Thought of A[fri]kans.
3) Get a deeper perspective into proverbs and Adinkra.
4) Speak, Relate and Connect with people in Ghana


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