Centered: Building Afrikan Realities - Mwalimu Baruti

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Centered: Building Afrikan Realities


This course is specifically designed for Warriors who already understand, or have a need to gain clarity about, what comes with claiming ownership of an uncompromising commitment rooted in war.  It is for those of us who are courageous enough to see where we have been and our condition in this reality through the eyes of our strongest Ancestors.  And, it is for those Afrikans who, from this understanding, know that it is we who must fight to destroy what hurts us and rebuild what helps us, using every means and energy at our disposal, in order to regain control over ourstory, our Way and our destiny.  This course is about being Afrikan and nationbuilding.  It is about how to correctly, knowledgeably, politically and practically define and create a reality that reflects the spirit of our Ancestors in the face of a relentless, invasive, anti-Afrikan world.
2. Class syllabus:  We will be covering the material presented in my book Centered:  Building Afrikan Realities.  First week: Being Afrikan and Afrikan Centeredness.  Second week:  The Concentric Spheres Model of Afrikan Organization and Access.  Third week:  Afrikan Psychologies and Typologies.  Fourth week:  The “New” Afrikan – Escapism or True ReAfrikanization.  Fifth week:  Building Families Within the Center and The Role of Elders.
Duration of course: This will be a five-week course.



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