Dr. Kamau Kambon - Kambondigm Updated!! Pt. 1


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Part 1 of 2 – Dr. Kamau Kambon discusses Kambondigm Updated: The Original Afrikan Blacksonomy – The End Game Leading To the Once And For All Solution!!


Dr. Kamau Kambon is a world-renowned uncompromised and uncompromising scholar whose clarity of thought and inspiring vision has touched the lives of many.

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  1. The Kambondigm is Blacktastic!

    The Kambondigm is Blacktastic. Dr. Kamau Kambon put a lot work into creating an in-depth picture of the situation we are in and what steps you need to do personally to work toward African liberation. Ever African need this as part of their guide to African liberation. Abibifahodie!!!

    Sobek Amenhotep