Foundations of African Thought Lecture #3: Number, Destiny and Divination (2016)

  • GHS: 119.99₵


Week 3: Number, Destiny and Divination

  • The Diviner and the Divination Process
  • Divination and Traditional Medicine

Reading: Kamalu, C. (1998). Person, Divinity and Nature. London: Karnak House., pp. 77-86.
Supplementary Reading: Adewale-Somadhi, F. A. (1993). Fundamentals of the Yorùbá Religion
(Òrìṣà Worship). San Bernardino, CA: Ilé Ọ̀rúnmìlà Communications., pp. 69-139.
Wiredu, K. (2008). A Companion to African Philosophy. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. 304-312.
Umeh, J. A. (1997). After God is Dibia: Igbo cosmology, healing, divination & sacred science in
Nigeria. London: Karnak House.



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