Foundations of Kmtyw Thought Lecture #7: The Supreme Being, The Divinities and Spirit Forces (2016)



Week 7: The Supreme Being, the Divinities and Spirit-Forces

  • Polytheism and Pantheism
  • Aloofness of the Supreme Being in African Thought
  • The Divinities and Spirit-Forces
  • The Human Being in Relation to Divinity

Reading: Kamalu, C. (1998). Person, Divinity and Nature. London: Karnak House., pp. 145-156.

Danquah, J. B. (1968). The Akan doctrine of God: a fragment of Gold Coast ethics and religion. London: Cass.

Griaule, M., & Dieterlen, G. (1986). The Pale Fox. Chino Valley, Arizona: Continuum Foundation.


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