Foundations of Kmtyw Thought Lecture #8: Earth and Land in Afrikan Thought and Practice (2016)



Week 8: Earth and Land in Kmtyw Thought and Practice
• The Ancestors as Owners and the Living as Custodians of the Land
• Agricultural Cycle and Ritual
• Dynamic interrelation of the Human Community and the Environment
• Transcendental Cult of the Earth
• Traditional Agricultural Practices
• Colonial Land Policy in Kenya and African Alienation from the Land
• Earth-based Spiritual, Social, Political & Economic Systems
Reading: Kamalu, C. (1998). Person, Divinity and Nature. London: Karnak House., pp. 157-174.
Supplementary Readings: Fu-Kiau, K. K. B. (1991). Self-Healing Power and Therapy. Baltimore, MD: Black Classic Press., pp. 107-136.


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