ASCAC 2021: Body Part Expressions in Akan, Yorùbá, Kiswahili and mdw nTr

  • GHS: 120.58₵


This study aims to discuss body part expressions in Akan (a Ghanaian language), Yorùbá (a Nigerian language), Kiswahili (a Tanzanian language) and r n Kmt ‘lit. the language of the Black Nation’. The paper addresses the common worldview whereby the concept and its articulation maintain a close connection to the literal real-world referent (the body part in question). The data is taken from collections of previously attested oral and written texts. The study demonstrates that there is a shared worldview continuum from ancient to contemporary Afrikan languages as manifested in body part expressions and that degree of proximity and similarity can be charted along a fundamental interrelation/fundamental alienation continuum.

November 6, 2021

Duration: 33 minutes, 12 seconds


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