The Community-Building Study-Work Model

  • GHS: 150.72₵


  • In this workshop, we will discuss the need of transformation over information for restoring and building modern Kmt: the global Afrikan=Black nation. It is often assumed that the imparting of information will necessarily and automatically lead to substantive and measurable transformation of individuals and/or society. As this assumption is demonstrably false, in this presentation, we will outline the rudiments of a study-work group model and method designed to not simply impart information for information’s sake but to manage and monitor individual growth and transformation processes within a social/community context to ensure that information learned translates to tangible and measurable behavioral correlates rather than simply being intellectualized. We find that for individual, community, and Afrikan=Black national growth, detached objectivity and disinterested liberalism typically advocated as part-and-parcel of the eurasian rhetorical ethic must be replaced with single-minded commitment and focused dedication to achieving our Afrikan=Black goals of national restoration in alignment with the Grand Unified Vision–this is a Vision by and for Afrikan=Black people in the interests of the Afrikan=Black survival thrust. This workshop will conclude with suggestions of implementable solutions that can be readily applied and put into practice today to build individuals, community, and to restore Kmt: the global Afrikan=Black nation.

26 October 2019

Duration 1 hour, 15 minutes, 18 seconds

20 slides


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