Okunini KAMBON Complete CGTN Interview on Afrikans Repatriating to escape the united snakkkes



It’s the hot topic in light of the media coverage of the genocide against Afrikans in the united snakkkes of amerikkka. In this interview, Okunini Ọbádélé Kambon goes into the reasons for his own move in 2008 and that of many more looking to repatriate in recent years. He shares the background to gaining citizenship and why now, more than ever, the smart money is on those who choose to Repatriate to Ghana. He further goes into the impetus of Ghana’s response to those who have chosen to make the move and how Afrikans on the ground are working towards policy that will enshrine citizenship as a birthright for Afrikans of the diaspora. You don’t want to miss Okunini’s unique view and analysis that will help you understand the stakes in a mass migration set to shape how future generations will look at the era in which we live. Purchase this talk now!

Duration: 32 minutes, 16 seconds



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