The Ghana united snakkkes Military Base Agreement

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Abstract: In this presentation, I reject the argument put forward by certain stakeholders that the united snakkkes is not actually establishing a military base using the u.s. Department of Defense’s own definition of “base”. Then I show point for point how the agreement fits every aspect of the definition of a base. I then provide a definition of “unilateral” and show that from George Washington to Henry Kissinger, united snakkkes policy is one of unilateralism. I then present research on how the u.s. routinely violates treaties, pacts and agreements focusing on three case studies: the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention, the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, and the obligation to pay annual dues under the Charter of the United Nations. I demonstrate that the u.s. does not keep its word and that this tradition continues with Donald Trump, though it certainly did not start with him. I conclude with the significance of u.s. treaty violations as a whole and the significance in the broader context of bargaining with a demonstrably unilateral rogue nation like the united snakkkes for Ghana, her people and her future.


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