Video + Slides: The Classical Kmtyw Origins of Writing and the Forbidden Literature they DON'T Want Us to Know!

  • GHS: 119.69₵


Duration 1 Hour, 50 Minutes, 31 Seconds

Includes 55 slides + video embeds

In this brand new exclusive BlackTacular guest lecture, Okunini Ọbádélé Kambon addresses Intro to Afrikan Literature students with a power-packed discussion on the origins of writing in classical Kmt, predating writing in Mesopotamia by some 200 years. He further provides side-by-side descriptions of how eurasian writing-systems like that of greek and latin are directly derived from Mdw Ntr. Finally, and most profoundly, he highlights some of the groundbreaking literature from his upcoming book giving the Mdw Ntr, transliterations and translations of the forbidden literature that aAmw (eurasians) do NOT want us to know and why they don’t want us to know it. If you are a fan of language, literature and/or an advocate for the rebirth of Kmt as the TRUE land of Black People once again as it was in the past, you don’t want to miss this all-important and timely lecture! Purchase it right now and get to watching!



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