[Video+Slide Bundle] Why Anti-Black Mental Illness "Is Easier to Diagnose Than Cure and What To Do About It For Mental Health"

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In this talk, Okunini Ọbádélé Kambon discusses the role of eurasian falsification of reality, manipulation of imagery and the rhetorical ethic in fomenting mental illness in Kmtyw (Afrikan=Black people) with examples. This discussion will delve into the disorders and the means by which many Kmtyw attempt to self-medicate and how these attempts exacerbate the problem rather than resolving it. Layering analogies and metaphors he draws a vivid picture of how and why anti-Black mental illness is easier to diagnose than it is to cure. He will also discuss fundamental alienation and the “Bepɔ so adwuma” phenomenon concluding with a discussion on fundamental interrelation and the Kmtyw worldview. Finally, he will look at the means by which we resolved the source of mental, physical, and spiritual problems in the past and how these are useful in the present and the future.

Duration: 201 min

65 Slides

Bitter Medicine Rebroadcast Recorded November 21, 2020 through Abibitumi


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