Introductory Conversational Akan Twi Lessons [8 PDF Set]

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Nk¡mm¡die Akan (Twi) Adesua Nhyehy¢¢

Conversational Akan (Twi) Course Syllabus

1. Adesuade¢ a ¢di kan: Twi
Kasa nnyegye¢ (Sounds of the Twi language), Ns¢mfua afofor¡ (new words)

2. Adesuade¢ a ¢t¡ so mmienu: Ap¡muden
ho nkyea (asking after one’s health); Mmer¢ ahodo¡ nkyea (greetings for
various times)

3. Adesuade¢ a ¢t¡ so mmi¢nsa: Wo
din (Your name)

4. Adesuade¢ a ¢t¡ so nnan: Baabi
a wofiri (Where you’re from); Baabi a wote (Where you live)

5. Adesuade¢ a ¢t¡ so nnum: De¢
wop¢ (That which you like)

6. Adesuade¢ a ¢t¡ so nsia: De¢
woy¢ (That which you do)

7. Adesuade¢ a ¢t¡ so nson: Mfe¢
a woadi (The years that you have lived (age)); Wo ho as¢m (Description); S¢nea
wo nipadua te¢ (How your body is)

8. Adesuade¢ a ¢t¡ so nw¡twe: Twi
Ns¡hw¢ (Twi exam)


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