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It was in 1906 that I began to collect material for an account of our native laws and customs. Then my attempt was concentrated on the laws and customs of my own tribe, the Egbas; later on I enlarged the scope of my investigations, and this work is the outcome. The difficulties and discouragement encountered may be imagined from the fact that within a single tribe alone certain rites and customs vary. However, as the result of careful and determined efforts, I have been able to give in this book those laws and customs that are peculiar to Yoruba people in general. Some of the laws and customs herein are obsolete and impracticable, and some have been modified through the influence of Christianity and the British occupation and government. Although I have tried by travel and inquiries to ensure accuracy, some discrepancies may still exist, and I shall be most grateful to any one who calls my attention to such discrepancies for adjustment in a subsequent edition.
The Laws and Customs of the Yoruba People A. K. Ajisafe

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