Understanding the Odù Ifá: Ogbè Wẹ̀hìn Workshop [PDF + mp3]

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[PDF + mp3]

Text and Audio from Abibitumi Kasa 3 Hour Intensive Workshop 4/11/2009

Ẹni tí kò ì tíì ṣe tán ikú is a very special Ìtàn (history) from the Ẹsẹ
Ifá which explains the meaning of the name of the Òrìṣà, Ọ̀rúnmìlà. Additionally it is an
inspiring story of one’s unalterable destiny through trials and
tribulations and how in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds, one
can and will triumph with the help of Olódùmarè, the Òrìṣà and one’s
own Orí.

In this workshop we read directly from this Odù in Yoruba while providing a thorough translation of the story focusing on the following skills in Yoruba:


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